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Focus: The most-important principle in marketing

If you had to pick one concept to define the essence of marketing, what would that one concept be? I believe the essence of marketing is associating your brand with a single idea in consumers’ minds. Some examples: • BMW . . . Driving. • Mercedes-Benz . . . Prestige. • Volvo . . . Safety. When you own a word in the mind, you have what I call a “focus.” What’s a Chevrolet? In the past decade, General Motors has spent $8.8 billion advertising its Chevrolet brand. Suppo... Read on

Telling Your Strategic Story with Strategy Maps

From measurement to Strategic Management and beyond The Balanced Scorecard has continuously evolved since its inception in 1990. First came the transition from measurement to strategic management system by forging links between the Scorecard and critical management endeavors such as budgeting, compensation, and performance reviews. Our knowledge of measurement has also expanded significantly over the life of the tool, with sophisticated metrics such as “strategic job readiness” appearing ... Read on

Driving Focus & Alignment with the Balanced Scorecard

By Paul R. Niven Why Organizations Need a Balanced Scorecard Over 150 years ago, William Thompson presciently noted: “When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind.” A subject that has been with us as long as time has been recorded (perhaps the first measurement?), the idea of tracking results touche... Read on

National Payment Platform — next leap for ‘Mobile Operators’

By Waqas Mirza   With the establishment of synergies between mobile operators and financial institutions in areas of branchless banking and mobile remittances, it’s time for mobile operators to take a leap forward. Mobile operators have a unique proposition that is unparallel to all other service verticals. Their customer touch point is every handset that is consuming their network. Retail banks on the other hand are limited by their ability to extend customer touch points by sca... Read on

Innovation to exceed ‘Customer Expectations’

By Ghazi Qarout   What customers think and feel about a company and its products is a key aspect of business success. To excel in business today, companies must focus on identifying customer needs and work to create an experience beyond their expectations as part of the ‘customer loyalty’ formula. Conventional wisdom says that customers are more loyal to companies that go ‘above and beyond.’ Organizations that take an approach to exceeding customer expectations focus on defini... Read on

The 7 Deadly Sins of Customer Management

By Dr. Ted Marra   After nearly 40 years across nearly 40 countries and having assisted more than 150 of some of the best-known organizations in the world, I still continue to see as many as 80% of Fortune 500, FTSE 100, and others willingly allow millions of dollars, euros, pounds sterlings (or other local currency) in revenue and profit to slip through the “cracks” because of a blatant failure to effectively and efficiently establish and maintain meaningful relationships with th... Read on

Gamification Factor in CRM

By Ali Safri According to the Norton and Kaplan model of the Scorecard, business value can be achieved only if you have satisfied customers, which depends on the organization’s workforce working day in and out to provide up to the mark customer service. Traditionally, CRM systems are aimed to know the customers better so that they can be served better. However, the people on the frontline: agents, sales force, etc. are the workforce using the CRM information systems; they are the ones inter... Read on

Visuals Speak Louder than Words (based on the book ‘Visual Hammer’)

By Al Ries (Based on the book ‘Visual Hammer’ by Laura Ries) Back in the 1970s, Jack Trout and I pioneered a new approach to branding called "Positioning." Our book on the subject was published in 1981 and a 20th anniversary edition in 2001. So far, Positioning has sold more than 1.4 million copies, including 400,000 in China alone. What is Positioning? To position a brand, you need to own a word in the mind. BMW owns "driving." Mercedes owns "prestige." Porsche owns "sports car." ... Read on

Mobile Financial Services – Widening the pie through interoperability

By Arshad Majeed It is usually a challenge for competitors to decide to work together! Whether competitors collaborate or not, it usually comes down to whether the players involved choose to maximize the total size of the pie or just their slice of the pie: expanding the market, versus expanding one’s own market share. In networked industries, in general, the better the collaborative effort, the larger the pie and hence each one’s share. Realizing the value of interconnectivity for... Read on

Alternate Delivery Channel—A world of possibilities

By Eyad Al Qudsi Technology has been evolving constantly; ever since World War II, it has never been in halt status. The increased competition and rapid acceleration in manufacturing, acquiring, and releasing technology has put all nations under a continuous technical revolution—to the extent that their advancement is no longer measured by their military strength and readiness, but rather by their technological competence. Technology has given rise to a new, peaceful armed service called ... Read on
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