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Maintain, process, and disburse payroll with the utmost ease

Salary Disbursement Solution –  powered by Novus – Avanza’s Multichannel Switch – automates end to end payroll management and electronic salary disbursements through ATMs using either a private ATM network and/or an issuer’s existing ATM network.

SDS eliminates hassle of maintaining, processing and disbursal of payroll to workers that do not have access to banking facilities and channels. Inbuilt remittance and other value added transactions make SDS a turnkey solution for payroll management in compliance with central bank regulations and WPS (Wage Protection System) standards.


  • Instant and convenient access to funds through electronic payment
  • Reduce cost and inconvenience of disbursing salaries by cash or cheques
  • Streamline salary disbursements to all employees
  • Workers receive salaries electronically and conveniently access funds 24×7.
  • Workers save time and save cheque cashing fees to obtain cash.
  • Access funds on an ATM that is protected by a PIN (card system).
  • Workers are given Magnetic Cards to carry out transactions at ATMs.
  • In built value addition transactions such as “remittance” transaction
  • Complies with Wage Protection System regulations and standards.
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  • Employees don’t necessarily require bank accounts.
  • Worker Identification using Magnetic Cards.
  • Authentication through PIN or Biometric technology
  • Worker Profile
  • Monthly Remuneration
  • Account block request as well as PIN change requests.
  • ATM Transactions available to Workers include
  • Cash withdrawal with printed receipt
  • Remittance Transactions
  • On screen Balance Inquiry
  • On screen PIN change
  • Printed Mini Statement
  • ATM screens available in over 10 languages
  • Detailed cash withdrawal reports
  • Rules based engine to sense events for SMS dispatches

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