Enabling Digital Transformation
A big part of any digital transformation strategy is process re-engineering for the digital age. A successful digital transformation will result in paper elimination, which help reducing errors, reducing frauds and reducing customer acquisition costs, along with improving customer experience. Acura is a digital transformation platform of choice, providing high standard efficiency, security and reliability by on-boarding customer in four easy steps.
Digital Around The World In 2019

Global Population


people in
the world

Banked Population


billion adults have
a bank account
(49% of World population)

Digital Channels


billion customers use only
Digital channels today
(46% of banked population)

Digital Banking

77% | 54%

Developing  |  Developed
countries  consumers willing to shift to a digital bank

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Digital On Boarding Architecture
Acura Implementations Models
Digital Banking
Mobile Banking
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Acura Solution Capabilities

Mobile Customer Acquisition

  • ID document capture, validation, data extraction using OCR, Barcode, MRZ
  • Selfie capture using live face detection
  • Biometric match of selfie against photo on ID document


  • Easily add fingerprint, face, voice and iris biometrics
  • Connect to 3rd party or government databases to verify identity
  • Create your own Automated Biometric Identification System
  • External fingerprint and iris scanners are also supported.

Additional Data Acquisition

  • Capture any kind of document (utility bill, bank statement)
  • Capture GPS location on demand
  • Read barcodes and QR codes automatically


  • Capture a video recording on demand
  • Enable video conferencing on demand
  • Use face images from the video stream for biometric matching


Acura works on both iOS and Android native applications. It is easily integrated into your website and can capture images using a webcam. It is also available as an API.

Easy integration into your process

Acura seamlessly fits into your existing processes with minimal integration efforts. We provide the integration documents and a test application.

Enhanced Security

  • Signature capture using touchscreen
  • One Time Password (OTP) and Token generation and verification
  • Digital Signatures

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