Corporate Banking Solution
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Redefining Corporate Banking Experience

Adaptation of Corporate Banking has encouraged multiple corporations around the globe to adopt digital payments and fulfill business requirements. To improve and ensure a long-term relationship based business model, the facilitation of corporate cash management, deposits, and client banking requires seamless integration and ease of access.
Ambit Corporate Banking is a superior module of Ambit Internet and mobile banking platform, a combination of commercial banking, corporate internet banking, and mobile banking, empowering multiple finance corporations to create a cost-effective environment by offering functional capabilities to an open corporate bank account.
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Ambit Corporate Banking Features

Incorporating all nascent corporate banking strategies, Ambit Corporate Banking unlocks a digital portal towards the future of banking and finance.
Payroll Disbursement

Adopt a Contactless Payment Disbursement environment by eliminating conventional payment methods.

Mass Bills Payments

Maintain and track disbursed payments through payment logs in a convenient, faster, and cost-effective manner.

Bulk Payments

Processing multiple payments reliably through automation while offering numerous mediums to send out payments.

Online Interbank Fund Transfer services

Enabling a cutting-edge paperless environment through online banking while offering a much faster way to transfer funds.

Online bill/invoice presentment and payments services (EBPP) (EIPP)

Digitalizing transaction processes through EBPP, EIPP, and electronic billing or e-billing while ensuring customer satisfaction and security.

Over the Counter (OTC) digital payments services/facilities

Streamlining Digital payments or Electronic payments through the incorporation of over the counter transactions and digital wallets.

Ambit Corporate Banking Architecture

Key Benefits

Easy to Scale

Move towards advanced features on a unified platform and gear up for its high availability mode.

Go Fast

The automation adds speed to the purchasing process along with maximum deliveries

Go Efficient

Offers one gateway to many services with zero downtime and efficient testing of the modified area


Integrate all of your devices and channel to pay any type of bill with just a single click or tap

Built-in Security

Keep your business and credentials secured and protected with the platform’s built-in security layer

Easy Expansion

Market fast and upgrade your capabilities by customizing features through REST APIs

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