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A unified banking platform which provides seamless user experience across multiple devices, converting the brick and mortar banks into more greener and efficient place to operate. It helps extend your financial services to your customers seamlessly in the most effective way possible.
Ambit - Internet & Mobile Banking Platform offers a strategic combination of retail banking, corporate banking and mobile banking solutions. It helps you grow sales and cut costs in the most effective manner and ensures continuous delivery of retail and corporate banking services to bank’s customers in a personalized, cost-effective, efficient, and secure manner.

Digital Around The World In 2020

Global Population

Banked Population
6.1 billion
(78.2% of the world population)

Digital Channels Users

(59% of the banked population)

Internet Banking Users

(55.9% of the digital channel users)

Mobile Banking Users

(44% of the digital channel users)
Ambit Mobile Ambit Retail Ambit Retail

QR/NFC Payments

  • NFC is a secure contactless card technology payment. Just tap and pay
  • Scan QR Code via Mobile and Complete your Payment without any hassle

Secure & Instant Transfer

  •  Easily Transfer fund within the bank or inter-bank 
  • Capture receipt image or save the template to keep records of all transactions
  • Create beneficiaries and transfer money in just a few clicks.

Cards Management

  • Enable, disable or block your debit and credit cards
  • Initiate online or offline re-issuance request for cards 
  • Initiate online or offline PIN change request or set limits for cash withdrawal

ATM/branch and merchant locator

  • Locate ATM or branch in a single tap or click
  • Track Merchant and save your time

Key Benefits

Easy to Scale

Move towards advanced features on a unified platform and gear up for its high availability mode.

Go Fast

The automation adds speed to the purchasing process along with maximum deliveries

Go Efficient

Offers one gateway to many services with zero downtime and efficient testing of the modified area


Integrate all of your devices and channel to pay any type of bill with just a single click or tap

Built-in Security

Keep your business and credentials secured and protected with the platform’s built-in security layer

Easy Expansion

Market fast and upgrade your capabilities by customizing features through REST APIs

Prominent Clients

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