avanza channel banking solutions

Channel Banking

Any successful business requires efficient back-end systems working in sync with well-designed and targeted front-end channels. Providing the best service depends on how the two systems coexist and synergise. Consumers have become increasingly convenience oriented, with e-Business and automated services providing customers access to their products and services whether at home, at work, or on the go.

With our solutions, banks can offer their consumers more choices, control, and freedom – from checking their account balances to making payments, everything can be done at an arm’s length.

avanza customer experience management solutions

Customer Experience

Customers are loyal to experience more than companies and brands, that’s why you have to make sure that your product’s experience is the best and the value provided is real. Customer satisfaction should be monitored and measured; this not only helps in identifying problems but also provides opportunity for pre-emptive initiatives. Going the extra mile ensures customer satisfaction and ultimately retention. In a competitive marketplace, customers require customization, control, and convenience at the same time which is hard to provide using conventional channels and outdated technology platforms.

Avanza’s Customer Experience solutions provide organisations the tools they need to deliver the best experience through customised services, monitoring your efforts, initiating campaigns to complement offerings, and ultimately interested and satisfied.

avanza business automation solutions

Business Automation

Customers expect the best every time; providing an excellent experience consistently requires precision, efficiency, and a robust system serving as a foundation. People and technology are blended together to form a system that provides the best and consistent experience. Through Avanza’s Business Automation solutions, the most complex, intricate, and time-consuming processes are simplified and streamlined to form efficient and reliable systems.

Our solutions enable to streamline processes and align your human resources to create a consistent and enhanced experience for your customers without compromising on operational efficiency or service quality.

Blockchain Implementation

Our blockchain platform builds UI/UX that can lead to much greater user engagement and acts as an orchestration layer – one that helps move silo-based structures into a more refined interconnected solution on the blockchain. Our platform also forms the governance layers for your organisation where any changes to the blockchain fabric do not have an impact on the real-time performance of your technology.

Cognitive Platform

Our world is rapidly evolving and as is with evolution comes disruption. The AI disruption being dubbed the next industrial revolution has the capacity to change how we work and to leave a lot of jobs effectively redundant. At Avanza, we believe that the only acceptable way forward is to embrace the transformational potential of AI and use it in building jobs of the future.

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