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Monex makes moving money simpler than ever

For any remittance company managing, processing, risk profiling, AML compliance, funds transfer and payment to beneficiary in real time is challenging work. Monex provides a complete end-to-end solution for the growing and challenging business needs of remittance organizations.

Our system is developed exclusively in close coordination with current remittance businesses and industry leaders. The application effectively manages all aspects of a money transfer business from Head office, Region, Agents, Sub Agents to Customers and Beneficiaries, using simple to use yet advanced features.

Monex enhances the experience of business users and service quality to the customers, and providing the 360 degree view to management for overall operations along with information / process transparency.


  • Multi-currency and Multilingual
  • Application interfaces can be extended to third party
  • Flexible & configurable:
  • currency exchange rates and fee structures
  • countries, currencies & limit management
  • Workflow Management
  • Increased margins via flexible exchange rates & commission structures
  • Pre-defined AML policies across all the remittance transactions. Allow checking various AML Sanctions list including OFAC/SDN/UK etc.
  • Improve business by offering wider set of remittance services to enhance customer experience.
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Control over organization’s pre-defined processes.
  • Minimize human involvement in daily remittance operations
  • Visibility of top performing regions, countries, agents and sub-agents.
  • Provides interfaces for online integrations with external agents who want to use their own remittance application for remittances

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