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Bolster your wealth management operations and make smarter investments with Matrix

Matrix is an Investment and Wealth Management Solution. It comprises a suite of integrated modules that support diverse investment operations. Matrix automates all areas and workflows of your operations ranging from Direct Investments and Wealth Management to offering Investment Products to affluent customers.

Matrix takes on all back office operations and settlements seamlessly with Core Systems and Financial ERPs, therefore saving hours that go into processing information flowing in from the front desks. Matrix is their 24X7 assistant that guides them through the maze of legal and financial paperwork during due diligence’s and helps streamline tasks and action items to reach investment stage smoothly.


  • Total transformation of sales teams
  • Operational harmony and transparency amongst Units
  • Maximize back office operational efficiency
  • Launch new products and services with ease and flexibility
  • Instantly define/modify fee structures
  • Design Discount Policies as per market dynamics
  • Regulate and automate Pre and Post stages of Direct Investments
  • Review returns and execute exit strategies
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  • Upload or Define Asset Prices
  • Detailed Search and Dashboards features for viewing data summary at a glance
  • Straight Through Processing
  • Complete Life Cycle of Trade Order Management
  • Define Customizable Fee Templates
  • Easy to Manage Complex Corporate Actions
  • More informed decision making by easy access to Real-time Position of Portfolio and Holdings
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Attach Electronic Copies of Documents
  • Seamless Integration with Core Banking Systems and Financial ERPs
  • Reduce errors & integration costs by eliminating manual intervention between front and back office functions
  • Multiple Bancassurance Products and Portfolio Management
  • Facility for Managing Pledging of Portfolio Holdings
  • Complete Recording of Profit and Loss of Investment Products and real estate.
  • Support Multi-currency Products
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Comprehensive MIS reporting
  • Comprehensive, Integrated Solutions for Asset Managers
  • Robust Sales Tools such as Illustration reports, Investment Calculator & customer statements.
  • Integration Support with CRM and Other Financial Applications


Matrix comes with the following prepackaged solutions:

  • Investment & Wealth Management
  • Proprietary book Investments and Trades
  • Bank Assurance
  • Private Equity & Direct Investments Management
  • Real Estate Investment Management
  • Corporate action Management
  • Settlement Management

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