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Set up in 2001 to issue short, medium and long-term loans to stimulate the development of small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Kyrgyz Republic. Currently, KICB serves over 27,000 clients throughout the region and operates a network of 16 branches in five oblasts in the Kyrgyz Republic.


With the objective of improving the quality of life in every corner of the country, KICB wants to deploy a scalable and flexible infrastructure for technology services which shall enable KICB to not only launch new and innovative but economic products. Therefore, KICB shall be implementing the following products:

Rendezvous will lay the foundation of middleware infrastructure in KICB Bank, integrating with the front-end channels, back-end host, and external systems.

Vision will serve as the Reporting & Monitoring tool for the institute providing customer, channel & transaction level monitoring functionality.

Unison will facilitate the bank operations providing automation at all customer touch points (call center, branches, and tellers).


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