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Create a lasting advantage with e-Reconcilier and bolster your operations with seamless reconciliation and settlements

eReconcilier is a process driven engine that automatically compares and subsequently reconciles multiple bulk data sources. Through its robust utilities, eReconcilier automates reconciliation of data across multiple systems efficiently in parallel with BAU (business as usual) activities. Output of these automated jobs is clean-cut reconciliation reports that exactly circle-in on discrepancies. A workflow process for settlement of discrepant records kicks in to correct and reconcile data across all sources

  • eReconcilier is a light weight application that can be plugged into any organizations’ e-infrastructure seamlessly.
  • Financial data records from multiple sources are processed through different stages of comparison, reconciliation and eventually settled.
  • Reduce operations cost; let e-Reconcilier do laborious reconciliations and settlements automatically. Use your operations teams for more meaningful and smarter tasks.


  • Ease of adding new input channels
  • Allowing a margin of error across systems
  • Automatic data reconciliation
  • Manual settlement and approval of disputed transactions
  • Workflow process for settlement of discrepant records
  • Lightweight application that can be plugged in seamlessly
  • Representation of reconciled data in different dimension for reporting
  • Dual authorization using maker/checker mechanism
  • Idempotent re-run of import files
  • Scheduled and on-demand reconciliation batches
  • Batch instance monitoring


  • Parse data from input log files
  • Idempotent re-run of import files
  • Extract data from file names
  • Log errors
  • Decision criteria for unsettled transaction
  • Batch creation
  • Scheduling Batches
  • Initiate Batch on demand
  • Monitoring of Batch Instances
  • Search Batch Instances and Instances results
  • Manually settle transactions
  • Approve Manually settled transactions
  • Report Unsettled transactions
  • Import log report
  • Send Batch result to Batch owner
  • Archiving data
  • LDAP authentication
  • Managing User Right Groups
  • Assigning rights to user
  • Activate/Inactivate Users
  • PCI/DSS Compliance
  • Audit Log Report

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