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Avanza’s Enterprise Customer Care Center (emc3) is a dynamic solution that gives customer-centric organizations the ability to contact their customers anywhere anytime over mobile medium using SMS and WhatsApp . Designed, specifically, to meet conversational banking needs, EMC3 provides a full-featured transaction set that enables banks to service and notify customers 24/7. EMC3 is a highly configurable and adaptable platform. Therefore it can be customized to meet needs of any service industry organization.

EMC3 compliments all types of e-infrastructure applications, ERP Solutions or Web portals. Its configuration engine enables it to sense requests/complaints fulfillments, financial transactions or any other event that is needed to trigger customer specific alerts through SMS or WhatsApp. EMC3 is the most light weight solution to compliment your core systems, channels and ERP Systems for SMS based campaigns and pull/push message based customer interactions through WhatsApp.


  • Manage effective and efficient multilateral communication with new\existing customers, internally and externally, using a single solution.
  • Enable n number of existing systems and devices to utilize conversational banking
    Audit tracking and escalations of failed communication
  • Account, card or any other financial transactions’ instant notifications to customers.
  • Marketing & Notification Campaigns through SMS and linking back to WhatsApp.
  • Automation of banking services such as account information, balance inquiry, mini statement. utility bill payment, etc. along with other content based services.
  • Organizations can benefit from Chatbot that can benefit in many ways to gain a competitive advantage.
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  • Central Message Centre to monitor and review SMS and WhatsApp communication
  • Contact & Distribution lists management
  • Auto retries in case of delivery failure
  • In-built service-subscription module
  • Flexible Integration layer to interact with any type of external and internal systems
  • Email to SMS and SMS to Email conversion provision
  • Ready Made MS Outlook Plug in
  • Campaign Creation and Management, Campaign starting from SMS and link back to WhatsApp
  • Bulk SMS Push Service
  • SMS Web service – for any external system to utilize SMS service
  • Rules based engine to sense events for SMS dispatches
  • WhatsApp Listing services with menu based service to pull the required information, can be extended through Chatbot services

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