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Dispatch interactive statements that engage and deliver real value to your consumers with e-Statement

e-Statement enables paper-less, echo-friendly and extremely cost effective means of customer communication for any organization. Through this smart application customer statements can be generated by tapping into multiple data sources. Statement are dynamically branded according to customers’ interests, spending trends, preferences and segments, to increase cross sell opportunities.A robust dispatch mechanism efficiently distributes huge quantities of e-statements to customers through an encryption based security policy and digital authentication.e-statement integrates with different channel application to seamlessly receive  subscription requests from customers.


  • Customer specific intelligent branding of e-statement
  • Customer specific intelligent branding of emails that contain e-statements
  • Statement data fetched from multiple data sources
  • Encrypted, secure and digitally protected content
  • Customer Subscription through multiple interfaces & Channels
  • Track Bounced Emails
  • Email Template Definitions
e-statement customer ease and convenience


  • Customer subscription and Un-subscription facility through import & web services.
  • Statement generation and delivery in PDF and HTML format over email, Fax and Printer.
  • On demand Statement generation
  • Email Template Definition
  • Multi-institution – manage e-statements of different institutions through single application instance
  • Inbuilt marketing module to define and manage banners and ads for cross/up sell.
  • Secure statement generation through password protection and other digital authentication means.
  • Tracking bounced emails.
  • Integrated with ERPs, Host, Fax and SMS gateways.
  • Bulk statement generation and dispatching.
  • Support for integration with Active Directory
  • Comprehensive MIS Reports and Dashboards

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