Avanza Solutions has over 15 years of solutions experience in the Banking and Financial sectors. With our e-Banking products running in over 150 banks worldwide, we are one of the pioneers and leading providers of e-Banking applications and Middleware in the Middle East, Africa, and Pakistan. Our e-Banking portfolio comprises of a complete line of products for front-end banking, SOA middleware, transaction processing, and other Value Added Services. Avanza’s banking clients trust Avanza’s software solutions to streamline their business processes, meet banking and IT initiatives, and enhance their efficiency. Avanza provides a wide range of products and services for banks to flourish their business effectively and optimize their performance, from front to back office.

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Telecommunication operators choose Avanza, because they value our industry-oriented approach. They are facing challenges of growth, convergence, business transformation, and technological revolution. They know that they have much to gain from our clear perception of Opportunities, Complexities, and Commercial realities of the telecommunication industry. Telecommunication Industry is being benefited from Avanza’s ground-breaking solutions, therefore, telecommunication can cope with emerging trends in a way that improve the financial standing of their business.


Governments face an increasingly complex array of challenges. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for transparency and digitization of regulations in the sector for public policies. Avanza works with governments around the world, to assist them in advancing their technological standing. Our solutions facilitate governments to deliver better and cost-effective public services for and to increase public value.

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