About Us

Avanza Solutions is a global software solutions provider specializing in e-Business and e-Banking solutions, Enterprise Application Services, Infrastructure Management, and Quality Services.

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Avanza Solutions services over 300 clients across 45 countries. Providing innovative solutions, Avanza works across industries ranging from banking, financial, telecommunications, and government sectors.

Our innovative financial solutions and applications, backed by a team of 300+ experts and industry veterans, enable organisations to create and deliver superior services seamlessly and with ease.

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Avanza Solutions has over 15 years of solutions experience in the Banking and Financial sectors. With our e-Banking products running in over 150 banks worldwide, we are one of the pioneers and leading providers of e-Banking applications and Middleware in the Middle East, Africa, and Pakistan.

Avanza Solutions in Telecommunication and Government industory .

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Social Responsibility

Avanza is driven by high corporate governance and social responsibility standards. As a business leader, Avanza believes in building long-term relationships with its clients, partners, employees, and the community at large. Avanza expresses its social responsibility in a range of corporate initiatives that impact its stakeholders and the community positively.

We practice active corporate citizenship through social service, medical services for employees, and also.

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Information Security Policy

It is the policy of Avanza Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. to create, maintain and continually improve the Information Security Management System and to adhere to ISMS practices in compliance with best practices required for Software development, support & services and information security needs of the customer.

Avanza Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd works within the framework of the Federal / Local Government, while fulfilling the contractual obligation of the client. This is to ensure protection of its information assets from all threats..

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Compliance with International Switches or Standards

Avanza Solutions is certified with the latest international and regional processors, while complying with the latest security standards.

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Integrated with Core banking and Card Systems

Third Party Processors

Integration with Country Switches