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Avanza Solutions, a global software solution provider designed to create software for digital banking services to make business easier, provides solutions to expand the business opportunities for notable achievements with a specific concentration in the banking, financial, and government sectors. With an experience of more than two decades, Avanza serves 350+ clients in more than 45 countries, with over 500+ deployments processing with 35 million transactions on 9000 terminals each day.

NCC Group, a software resilient company structured to alleviate any business disruption by providing a software escrow solution resulting in creating backups to execute the plans without any hurdles and escalate in operational activities with a vast experience. NCC group promises its customer to openly apply for it materials stuck in escrow which will be dealt with quick action and will be served with satisfaction.

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Avanza is the symbol of reliability and quality in the Banking, Financial, and Government sectors around the globe which has achieved numerous milestones independently, to be consistently dynamic Avanza has partnered with NCC Group to mitigate the risk and ensure the interest of all parties involved.

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