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Avanza Innovations showcases region-first technologies at Future Blockchain Summit

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Showcasing the first ever Blockchain orchestration platform, first production-grade Blockchain implementation, and various transformative Blockchain applications.

3 May 2018; Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Blockchain is being seen as one of the most transformative and disruptive technologies since the internet. An innovation that has the potential to transform both public and private sector organizations alike. The Future Blockchain Summit attracted policy and decision makers, influencers, technology providers, and government officials from across the globe.

Avanza Innovations unveiled its next leg of Blockchain innovations through various talks, on-site demos, and media/customer meet-ups at the Future Blockchain Summit. Avanza Innovations has been leading the line for Blockchain acceptance and applications in the region and is the proud winner of not one but two Dubai Future Accelerator cohorts.

To meet the demands of a growing global market, Avanza Innovations demonstrated its latest solution, Cipher, a Blockchain orchestration platform. Cipher is currently being used by multiple partners and entities to help build Blockchain led technology of the future. With Cipher, organizations can move past the underlying complexities of establishing Blockchain based solutions and move towards greater reliability and security through a full stack offering.

Cipher utilizes Single-point access to Blockchain platforms, including Hyperledger, Ethereum, Quorum etc., and readymade adapters to provide rapid integration with existing Blockchain technologies, Smart contract lifecycle, and change management.

Avanza Innovations also demonstrated the region’s ‘first production-grade Blockchain implementation’; a Blockchain reconciliation and settlement platform that is being built for Dubai’s Department of Finance through the vision and leadership of the Smart Dubai Government. This project involves 40 plus government entities and around 15 banks in Dubai.

Mr. Waqas Mirza, CEO – Avanza Innovations, said, that “Blockchain has the potential to disrupt and innovate technology as we know it. At Avanza, we feel it is our mission to help organizations realize the potential of this transformative technology and move them towards a decentralized, demystified and future-proof tomorrow.”

Also at the event was Mr. Ali Safri, CTO – Avanza Innovations, who said, “At Avanza, we are working passionately to help build platforms of the future. A big part of our strategy is to partner with like-minded and innovative organizations to facilitate global customers.”

A recent example of this is the availability of Cipher on Microsoft Azure. Cipher gives customers access to a Blockchain orchestration layer on the cloud allowing organizations to port their use case on to a series of global Blockchain platforms.

BankIslami upgrades internet banking solution to Avanza’s Ambit

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BankIslami has upgraded its internet banking system to Avanza’s Ambit Retail Internet Banking solution.

BankIslami Pakistan Ltd. was the first bank to receive the Islamic Banking license under the Islamic Banking policy of 2003 in March 2005. By 2015, BankIslami had become the 11th largest bank with a network of 317 branches in 93 cities within a period of 9 years. BankIslami has been strengthening its infrastructure using latest technologies to deliver user-friendly and secure services and products.

The bank’s objective for the upgrade was to create a pleasant user experience for customers, using internet banking services, that leaves a lasting impression and maximises ease of use.

Ambit is a strategic internet banking solution that will enable the bank to continuously deliver seamless banking services to its customers. The solution is designed from scratch with a focus on personalisation, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly security.

The solution boasts a modern and responsive UI with intuitive menus and navigation followed up by customisable dashboards as per the user’s needs. The wizard based interfacing provides users help and guidance wherever needed and ensures a positive user experience.

With new features like web chat, dynamic banners and ads, and power user access analytics, the solution also empowers banks to understand user behaviour and cater to their needs optimally. The bank can also create dynamic ads to maximise cross selling opportunities backed by in-depth insights.

“BankIslami is dedicated to become the leading name in the Islamic Banking sector. We are committed to provide our customers with all the modern and latest services to meet and exceed their banking needs. With a focus on service innovation backed with technology we can really create lasting banking experiences for our customers. We’re pleased to have Avanza with us, as they share the same passion for innovation and technology as BankIslami. I am sure we can create a synergy that can take BankIslami to the next level.”

Syed Ata Hussain- Head of IT – BankIslami

“We strive to create products that create real value for our clients and their customers. Avanza Solutions works to innovate and provide state-of-the-art solutions and products that empower our clients to get to the next level. Avanza’s Ambit is tailor-made to provide users the ease-of-use and robustness expected of a modern internet banking service while providing banks the advantage of understanding user behavior with in-depth insights.”

Jalil Ahmed Farooqui – Head of Sales (Pakistan & Afghanistan) – Avanza Solutions

Avanza showcases latest innovations at the “Smarter Customer Engagement Road Show” by MFI

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Kampala — Uganda: Team Avanza exhibited their latest innovations at the “Smarter Customer Engagement Road Show” organized by MFI.

The event attracted stakeholders from the industry, from players and policy makers to influencers. MFI hosted the event to create a single forum where thought leaders could discuss best practices and develop a shared vision for the future

Held at the Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala, the road show constituted key notes, discussions, and addresses on the potential of modern and smarter customer engagement practices. Covering different aspects of engagement ranging from solutions, practices, and enabling seamless experiences, the event highlighted key issues and opportunities.

Data has quickly become a vast and valuable resource in today, smarter engagement relies heavily on data and how that data is harnessed to identify real value for consumers and utilizing the best channels to deliver that value.

Team Avanza also showcased Unison – Enterprise-wide CRM and Customer Experience Platform and Cipher – Blockchain Implementation. The team discussed how governments and organizations need to understand customer behavior. Avanza’s focus on seamless experience is powered by technology that is designed to integrate all consumer touch points, analyze customer engagements, and ultimately creating an Omni solution to identify trends and uncover in-depth behavioral insights.

Avanza has already won projects from building a Blockchain-based reconciliation and settlement engine for the Dubai Government’s Department of Finance to developing an AI and Blockchain-based emergency response nerve center for Dubai’s Health Authority.

Mr. Jawad Qureshi (Global Head of Sales – Avanza Solutions) said, “At Avanza we strive to provide real Value to all, from our clients to ultimately the end users. We enable our clients to utilize data extracted from all touchpoints to identify actual insights that help them serve their consumers better and more effectively. This event is a great platform for technology providers, organizations, and governments to come together and establish a shared vision for the future.”

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Rai (Chief Technology Officer – MFI) said, “We are delighted to see that level response the road show has received. Customer Engagement is the key to creating sustainable and lasting businesses, leveraging technology to provide a seamless customer experience can help organizations connect better with their target audiences.”

About MFI:

MFI is an IT integration firm, based in Uganda, with operations across sub-Saharan countries. With the aim to add value to businesses through the latest technologies, MFI serves its customers by providing infrastructure, enterprise applications, and other services. With 35 years of experience, MFI has established presence in 19 countries in the African region.

Noor Bank signs Avanza to upgrade e-infrastructure and power interactive statements

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Avanza Solutions is upgrading the e-infrastructure at Noor Bank by implementing its flagship middleware solution Rendezvous and eStatement application which allows interactive statements to be sent to customers.

Established in 2008, Noor Bank offers a wide range of products and services comprising personal, corporate banking, wealth management, insurance, treasury, and trading. With the passion to a new way of banking, Noor Bank utilize agile operations and processes to create and deliver the best value to its customers.

Noor Bank is gearing up to be one of the leading players in the emirates by leveraging technology with their ability to create innovative products and services tailor made for specific personal and business needs. The bank is Sharia’ compliant and driven by strong values of trust and transparency.

Avanza’s Rendezvous will form the core of the bank’s e-infrastructure enabling seamless integration and addition of external and front-end systems. Whereas, e-Statement will enable the bank to send out interactive electronic statements to its customers which allow a window view of all availed products and services while maximizing ease. The organization can also run targeted ads on the interactive statements.

Mr. Waqas Mirza, MD – Avanza Solutions, said, “Noor Bank is a prestigious organization dedicated to providing the best service and experience for its customers. We pride ourselves on working with organizations that share our passion for excellence and innovation.”

Mr. Noman Rasheed, Chief Information Officer – Noor Bank, said, “We are dedicated to bring about a new and innovative way of banking to our customers by utilizing technology and our focus on the service quality. Avanza emphasis on innovation and progress makes them a good fit with Noor Bank. I am confident we will achieve great things in future.”

Avanza/Networld Upgrades e-infrastructure at AB Bank Limited, Bangladesh

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AB Bank Limited (ABBL) has chosen to upgrade its existing e-infrastructure with the latest versions of Rendezvous (Enterprise Financial Middleware) and Vision (Card Reporting System).

ABBL has been operating in Bangladesh for over 35 years, providing a wide range of banking and financial services. With the drive to become a truly innovative and technology-driven bank in the country, ABBL has a footprint of 105 branches and 270+ ATMS in Bangladesh.

To excel in the modern and technological era, ABBL has been especially focused on gearing up its backend systems with the latest technologies to ensure a lasting and superior customer experience. With that vision, ABBL has upgraded its existing backend systems to create a more robust and scalable e-infrastructure.

Avanza Solutions/Networld will upgrade the banks existing infrastructure to the latest PADSS Certified Versions of Rendezvous (Enterprise Financial Middleware) and Vision (Card Reporting System); enhancing compatibility with other major schemes, maximizing availability, and increased agility to offer new services. Besides PADSS Certification, Database Independence, EMV, built-in adapters of Visa/ MasterCard/UPI/JCB, 64 Bit Support, High Availability, Built-in support of Web Services/XML/Jason, Latest Operating System/Database/Application Server Support; the upgraded versions of these products also support STIP (Stand in Processing) mode through which Vision will maintain the updated account balances when the host goes offline. Rendezvous maintains these transactions in SAF (Store and Forward) during STIP mode to assure 100% guaranteed message delivery.

Avanza’s advanced banking solutions are tailored for the banking industry and in compliance with the latest industry standards.

Mr. Reazul Islam (Head of IT & eBiz Division – AB Bank Limited) said, “At AB Bank Limited our vision is to provide our consumers with a banking products and services that enrich their lives. Avanza’s focus on technology and innovation makes them a good fit for ABBL as we are driven to provide the best products and service using truly innovative technologies and solutions.”

Mr. Muhammad Jawad Qureshi (Global Business Development Head – Avanza Solutions) said, “At Avanza, we are driven by innovation, driven by the desire to stay at the cutting edge. This drive enables us to establish synergies with our clients who share our beliefs to create industry shaping infrastructures. With ABBL, we have a perfect environment to create a real difference in the industry.”

Captain Saifur Rahman (Managing Director – Networld Bangladesh Limited) said, “Being Avanza’s Technology Partner for Bangladesh; we form a natural fit to create solutions that enable banks to  offer innovative services and create real value for consumers. Our combined drive for progress and innovation backed by our industry expertise enables us to provide technology that can make lasting changes in the industry.”

HabibMetro Bank (HabibMetro) signs Ambit – Wiz (Mobile Application) with Avanza Solutions

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HabibMetro Bank has signed a mobile application for its banking services, powered by Avanza’s Ambit Internet Banking Platform. HMB account holders will now be able to access various banking services directly on their smartphones.

HabibMetro Bank operates in all major cities of Pakistan. With a vision to become the most respected financial institution in Pakistan; HMB ranks within the top 10 banks of the country. The bank operates in primarily in the retail & corporate banking space and offers innovative e-banking products and services to customers.

Avanza’s Mobile Banking Platform Ambit-Wiz which is part of Avanza’s Internet Banking Platform; ensures continuous delivery of banking services to the bank’s customers in a manner that is personalized, efficient, and secure. The solution is developed with a great focus on industry specific security practices and standards; Ambit Wiz is designed to elevate the customer mobile banking experience.

With a super-sleek interface, Ambit Wiz boasts a user friendly and simple layout, intuitive navigation, and flow. The application is a best-in-breed product that is built as an enterprise wide solution supporting iOS, Android platforms enabling banking services on the go.

Ambit Wiz provides mobile banking features, like fund transfers, bill payments, account summary, mini statements, ATM/branch locator etc., in a single app that can be used on any internet-ready iOS or Android smartphones. Apart from the standard feature set, the app also boasts features like Internet Card top-up, Send and Receive Remittances and Card Management etc.

Ambit Wiz is developed natively to the respective platforms, which makes it faster, more secure, and enables lighter build sizes as compared to competing products that are built on hybrid platforms.

Mr. Syed Abu Tufail (CIO – HabibMetro Bank) said, We strive to provide our consumers with the latest and innovative solutions that enrich their banking experience. With Ambit Wiz, we can enable our customers to access banking services while on the go. HabibMetro and Avanza share a common vision towards innovation and progress and that empowers to provide the best experiences to our consumers.

Mr. Jalil Ahmed Farooqui (Head of Sales Pakistan & Afghanistan – Avanza Solutions) said, We work to empower our customers, to enable them to deliver the best value possible for the end user. Ambit Wiz is a next generation mobile banking platform that does exactly that, by providing quick and convenient access to banking services in a user friendly user interface. With our technology, Habib Metro will be able to elevate the overall user experience.


Dubai Health Authority signs MoU with Avanza Solutions

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Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has signed an MoU with Avanza Solutions, as part of which Avanza’s Smart City Medical Management Platform, Acuity, will be rolled out in the city. Acuity is a smart application that gives DHA an idea of what is happening across Dubai. The MoU was signed by H.E. Humaid Al Qutami, Chairman of the Board and Director General of DHA, and Waqas Mirza, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Avanza Solutions, at the Dubai Future Accelators programme.

The system will be invaluable for Expo 2020 when the population of Dubai will grow from 3 million to 25 million over a six-month period. For clinical emergencies such as a heart attack, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. It is in these situations that the application can make timely evidence-based decisions.

Introducing AIUsing artificial intelligence the system carries out complex commands that get activated once the patient is in the ambulance. This includes looking for the closest hospital with available beds, alerting relevant hospital teams and reserving beds.

By using Acuity, a heart-attack victim would not be transferred to the emergency department but will be sent straight to the cardiac suite, saving valuable time.

Avanza has merged its knowledge of blockchain and artificial intelligence with the expertise of clinicians and emergency care specialists. In collaboration with internationally trained healthcare professionals, the project aims to link the right patient to the right location, with the right clinician.


Innovation is at the heart of everything DHA is doing to make Dubai one of the best healthcare providers in the world,” says Al Qutami. “We are confident that Avanza’s technology and platform in conjunction with its team of medical experts will deliver a highly advanced medical nerve centre for Dubai. This will result in faster and highly efficient handling of emergency and trauma patients, thereby saving many more lives.

Waqas Mirza, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Avanza Solutions, says, “Acuity is a platform that enables a city to respond to its residents in times of need. Avanza is proud to be associated with the leadership, which continues on its path to build an efficient and smart city.

Dr. Asrar Rashid, Avanza’s Chief Consultant and Children’s Intensive Care Specialist Speaking at the Signing Ceremony Said:

Seconds can be the difference between living, complications & death. Add to this clinical complexity, possibly a disease outbreak or a tower-block fire; any health-care system would be stretched to its limit. We strongly believe that the Acuity technology platform, with our globally trained medical experts, can facilitate clinicians to save lives”

The aim of Acuity is to match supply of critical medical facilities and equipment with real-time demand in emergency cases. In future, Acuity will be able to predict healthcare demand, allowing DHA to plan accordingly. This would ensure healthcare delivery is optimised and demand never outstrips supply.


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Avanza and Bogo sign strategic agreement to set up an end-to-end merchant acquisition platform

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Avanza Solutions and Bogo signed an agreement to set up and deliver an end-to-end merchant acquisition and management platform for the banking and financial sectors.

With this agreement, Avanza has acquired equity in Bogo bringing it into the fold of the Avanza group. Bogo’s merchant leg will be implemented within the Ambit – Avanza’s next generation online banking platform; this will provide banks and financial institutions the ability to provide discounts at a range of merchants.

The solution allows banks and financial institutions to simply subscribe to a network of merchants as per their need, allowing them to offer a wide range of merchants to choose from. Avanza’s technology will enable customers to manage merchants, implement proximity-based marketing campaigns, and QR based services along with other value added features.

Institutions will now be able to bypass the lengthy and arduous task of developing and deploying a merchant network on their applications. With Bogo’s strong merchant base and Avanza’s technology, banks and financial institutions will have a unified platform to showcase merchant offerings to their customers.

The agreement gives organizations the comfort of both their tech and operational needs met through the ambit platform, with respect to merchant alliances. Avanza, which always puts its customers first, gives organizations the freedom to seamlessly integrate into any internet banking application giving end users access to the latest discounts and deals. Thus, creating a unified experience where banks can reach out to a vast merchant network, seamlessly plug in functionality into their internet banking apps, and manage users.

Mr. Sajid Ahmed (Director Corporate Services – Avanza Solutions) said at the signing, “Today we have marked another milestone in the history of Avanza Solutions, our drive to create real and genuine value for our customers has enabled us to develop solutions that will make real difference in how they operate. I am delighted to have collaborated with Bogo, I am sure we can maximize our synergies to take the industry forward.”

Mr. Karim Kabir (CEO – Bogo) said, “At Bogo we aim to provide a bridge between brands and consumers, a platform where brands can attract new consumers and gain a stronger position in the industry. I am happy to have signed with Avanza Solutions, with their advanced solutions we will be able to serve an even greater audience and create more value for all stakeholders.”

Avanza Solutions and CompuLynx sign partnership agreement to provide banking solutions in East Africa

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Avanza Solutions has signed a strategic partnership with CompuLynx to provide omnichannel banking applications and solutions in the East African region.


With this agreement, CompuLynx will be able to provide Avanza’s advanced omnichannel product range in these markets, which includes CRM applications, multichannel switches, and customer experience management platforms that cover all alternate delivery channels for banks.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Waqas Mirza (MD & CMO – Avanza Solutions) and Mr. Sailesh Savani on Oct 1, 2017.

Speaking at the signing, Mr. Waqas Mirza (MD & CMO – Avanza Solutions) said, “We are committed to providing the best solutions in order to create the best value for consumers and enrich lives. I am happy to have signed with CompuLynx as our organizations share a passion for progress and technology which makes it a really good fit. With Avanza’s advanced omnichannel solutions, I believe that we can make a difference and take the industry forward.”

Mr. Sailesh Savani (CEO – CompuLynx) added by stating, “We are delighted to have signed on with Avanza. With our shared experience and passion in the industry, I am confident that we can make a real change. Our on-ground experience and Avanza’s state-of-the-art solutions enables us to establish synergies today and beyond.”

CompuLynx is a pioneer and a leading player in East Africa’s technology solutions space – and has been for over 20 years now. In East Africa, CompuLynx holds 70 per cent of the market. The ISO-Certified company consistently successfully delivers Technology Solutions to over 400 business houses in over 30 countries around the world.

Avanza’s Cipher named “Best Financial Industry Application” at the 2017 PASHA ICT Awards

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Islamabad 27th Oct, 2017: Avanza Solutions picked up the award for “Best Financial Industry Application” for Cipher (Blockchain Platform) at the 2017 PASHA ICT Awards

PASHA held the 2017 ICT Awards ceremony in a grand event at the Serena Hotel (Islamabad) on 27th of October. P@SHA ICT Awards offer recognition to the software and service application development companies of Pakistan by providing them with an opportunity to gain local and international exposure. There were a total of 32 categories, comprising of 17 product categories and 15 service categories. The competition attracted organizations, start-ups, individuals, and students alike to put their products and services to the test.

Avanza’s Cipher is a specialized Blockchain Solution that enables organizations to port their use case on to a series of global Blockchain platforms (including but not limited to Hyperledger and Ethereum). The architecture and design of the solution have been kept abstract and generic enough to fit n number of business processes, consensus objectives, smart contracts’ executions & integrations.

Mr. Omer Ahmed Khan (COO – Avanza Solutions) received the award and said at the event, “At Avanza we work to bring real value to our customers and users with technology. Our constant effort to move forward and innovate has led us to become one of the first to incorporate Blockchain in financial use cases at a macro level. I am confident that with Blockchain technology we can move towards a more efficient and secure infrastructure for the financial and banking sectors.”

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