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Avanza Wins Fastest Growing Blockchain Company – (Product – Cipher) UAE 2018

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Avanza Innovations , one of the regions most established innovators, has been awarded the ‘Fastest Growing Blockchain Company for 2018’ in the technology category by  International Finance Awards . The awards, now in their 6th year honor Avanza’s region first production-grade  Blockchain implementation along with recognition for its Blockchain orchestration and governance platform  Cipher.

International Finance Awards recognizes industry talent, leadership skills, industry net worth and capability on an international platform.
Avanza has been leading the Blockchain space in the middle-east with active projects and implementations across multiple public and private sector organizations. The company has also been spearheading thought leadership initiatives that have seen them represent the Blockchain space across various domestic and International platforms.
A major reason for the win has been their active promotion and growth of the Blockchain  space. This is in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin
Rashid Al Maktoum to transform Dubai into the first Government in the world to execute  all applicable transactions via Blockchain by 2020.

Speaking with IFM, Mr. Waqas Mirza, CEO – Avanza Innovations, said,

“At Avanza we  have always been at the forefront of cutting edge technology, we make it our mission to help evolve technologies past buzzwords and towards implementations. With Blockchain, the space is ripe for organizations to start their experimentation and be part of this movement to build a
decentralized future”


Avanza Innovations showcases region-first technologies at Future Blockchain Summit

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Showcasing the first ever Blockchain orchestration platform, first production-grade Blockchain implementation, and various transformative Blockchain applications.

3 May 2018; Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Blockchain is being seen as one of the most transformative and disruptive technologies since the internet. An innovation that has the potential to transform both public and private sector organizations alike. The Future Blockchain Summit attracted policy and decision makers, influencers, technology providers, and government officials from across the globe.

Avanza Innovations unveiled its next leg of Blockchain innovations through various talks, on-site demos, and media/customer meet-ups at the Future Blockchain Summit. Avanza Innovations has been leading the line for Blockchain acceptance and applications in the region and is the proud winner of not one but two Dubai Future Accelerator cohorts.

To meet the demands of a growing global market, Avanza Innovations demonstrated its latest solution, Cipher, a Blockchain orchestration platform. Cipher is currently being used by multiple partners and entities to help build Blockchain led technology of the future. With Cipher, organizations can move past the underlying complexities of establishing Blockchain based solutions and move towards greater reliability and security through a full stack offering.

Cipher utilizes Single-point access to Blockchain platforms, including Hyperledger, Ethereum, Quorum etc., and readymade adapters to provide rapid integration with existing Blockchain technologies, Smart contract lifecycle, and change management.

Avanza Innovations also demonstrated the region’s ‘first production-grade Blockchain implementation’; a Blockchain reconciliation and settlement platform that is being built for Dubai’s Department of Finance through the vision and leadership of the Smart Dubai Government. This project involves 40 plus government entities and around 15 banks in Dubai.

Mr. Waqas Mirza, CEO – Avanza Innovations, said, that “Blockchain has the potential to disrupt and innovate technology as we know it. At Avanza, we feel it is our mission to help organizations realize the potential of this transformative technology and move them towards a decentralized, demystified and future-proof tomorrow.”

Also at the event was Mr. Ali Safri, CTO – Avanza Innovations, who said, “At Avanza, we are working passionately to help build platforms of the future. A big part of our strategy is to partner with like-minded and innovative organizations to facilitate global customers.”

A recent example of this is the availability of Cipher on Microsoft Azure. Cipher gives customers access to a Blockchain orchestration layer on the cloud allowing organizations to port their use case on to a series of global Blockchain platforms.

Avanza and Premier establish Pakistan’s fastest and most reliable payment gateway, APPS

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Avanza Premier Payment Services (APPS) is a joint venture of Avanza Group and Premier Systems

Karachi, 8th August, 2018: Avanza Group and Premier Systems signed an agreement to formally establish Avanza Premier Payment Services (APPS) Pakistan’s fastest and most reliable domestic online payment gateway. APPS will deploy an E-commerce & M-commerce payment gateway and merchant digitization service.

Mr. S. Arshad Raza, CEO, Premier Systems, said, “We have many international partners, but now we have a domestic player embracing the digital economy and enriching it by providing substantially convenient payment solutions. Pakistan is at the cusp of a digital revolution and we are proud to be part of that drive.”

Mr. Mahmood Kapurwala, CEO, Avanza Group stated, “We are proud to be partnering with Premier Systems to launch APPS, which will become the country’s gateway of choice for payments and help digitize our e-commerce ecosystem. Our objective is to help businesses and consumers alike to overcome payment hurdles and make Pakistan a proud member of the growing digital arena.

The two organizations aim to create synergies that enable APPS to cater to the rapidly evolving digital landscape in Pakistan. Our economy is still reliant on the cash on delivery (COD) model with our e-commerce industry consisting of 90% COD indicating that Pakistan has yet to accept digitalization.

On that note APPS’s newly appointed CEO, Mr. Adnan Ali presented the end-to-end technology stack that would help APPS to move Pakistan towards a cashless landscape by digitizing major institutions such as merchants, schools, billing industries, mutual funds & other corporate entities by providing a secure hassle-free digital experience.

Mr. Adnan Ali, CEO, APPS, said, “This is a momentous occasion for us all, as we are aware that Industry 4.0 is shaping up to disrupt the way we do business, we will be one of the pioneers in innovating the domestic industry. We aim to digitize the market for our potential stakeholders and play the role of a catalyst in digital payments of Pakistan.”

With respect to Pakistan, the launch of APPS will spur innovation in the domestic market by encouraging the community to pay using digital means but also make digital payments easier and widely available for banking customers e-commerce enablement.

About Avanza Group:

Avanza Group of Companies is an 18+ year old technology powerhouse with over 300+ employees in offices across Pakistan, Middle east and Africa.

The group comprises of companies that focus on key sectors including Banking, Telecommunications, Governments, Retail, and Manufacturing. Avanza contributes to these industries with its state-of-the-art products that include advanced channel banking applications, customer experience management solutions, e-commerce and retail solutions, Blockchain, RPA, AI, and Smart City applications.

Avanza is viewed as a thought-leader in nascent technologies across the region and has won the admiration and confidence of not just customers but also of industry partners such as NCR, Avaya, Microsoft, and IBM.

About Premier Systems:

Premier Systems, is one of Pakistan’s leading ICT infrastructure providers. Founded in 1993, they currently employ 135+ IT professionals across 4 offices in Pakistan and UAE.

Their major focus is on Hardware, Software and Managed solutions. They are proud partners of renowned IT companies like Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Oracle , Juniper, VMware, and Vertiv etc. Their solutions cater to key industries, such as Telecom, Banking, Oil and Gas and Defence.

A strong believer in diversifying their product portfolio, Premier also established a partnership with world renowned car manufacturers “Audi” to become the vehicle’s sole importer, distributor, dealer and service centre operators across Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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