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Design an Enterprise Loyalty Program that is most apt for your organization size, line of business, and customer base with Aurum

Aurum automates complete lifecycle management of all processes involved in any reward program from its designing till it is used to disburse benefits to customers. It enables an enterprise to define, maintain, and manage loyalty programs across products, services and channels.

Use Aurum to increase your market share and tap into customers’ and non-customers’ interests alike. Sway your customers’ behavior towards your operational and strategic objectives by rewarding them on using channels and mediums of interaction you prefer. Define and gauge your ROI through the launch and roll out of a reward program and its different sub-offerings. Keep your rewards program fresh and evolving – add new ways to redeem points on the fly and keep adding new products and services to your reward program offering with utmost ease and speed.


  • Align customers’ interactions with strategic and operational preferences
  • Evolve and expand rewards program with agility
  • Introduce new redemption channels on the fly
  • Monitor ROI in real time
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and retention
  • Increase up-sell and cross-sell
  • Increase revenue


  • Enterprise grade solution (works across industries and use cases)
  • Real-world features (rule engine, reversals, fraud management etc)
  • Integrates to your core/key systems with ease through ready-made connectors
  • One window visualization of your reward programs
  • Omni-channel solution that works with your infrastructure
  • In-depth product preferences at time of redemption

Key Benefits For Financial Institutions

  • Increased interchange revenue across all products
  • Increased subscription and spending
  • Program customization
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Increased up-sell and cross-sell

For Customers

  • Earning rewards is fast and easy
  • Points can be pooled for faster earning—combining
  • consumer debit and credit products
  • Availability of multiple redemption options

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