Never get caught offgaurd with equipment failure with Avanza’s Asset Management System

Engineering organizations are acutely aware of the significance of preventive and timely maintenance of mission critical equipment and machinery.

Avanza’s Asset Management System enforces maintenance of mission critical equipment, its modules and even sub-sub modules at a very granular level. The solution comes with a dynamic form generator that enables supervisors and managers to design and roll out maintenance forms to field engineers based on a particular equipment’s specification and maintenance needs

The solution serves as a central nerve centre to consolidate data from equipment installed globally. Based on data readings, the solution recommends equipment-specific maintenance  activities proactively. Maintenance details are recorded and available across the organization in form of dashboards and MIS reports.

Asset Management System can be used to consolidate equipment data and record health check inventory. In case of transfer of equipment from one site to another the system updates maintenance records and location of equipment thereby giving a global perspective of equipment movement and maintenance status of equipment at different locations worldwide.


  • Define and generate Equipment-specific Preventive Maintenance Forms
  • Enforce Preventive Maintenance Policy globally across all sites and locations
  • Global visibility of equipment’s location and stock of maintenance status with alerts & notifications
  • Forecasting and distribution of resources based on upcoming Maintenance jobs and activities
  • Equipment aging trends and cost analysis of maintenance
preventive maintenance dashboard
preventive maintainance planning service avanza


  • Provision to Work in Offline Mode to record equipment data in remote locations
  • Synchronization of Offline Data with Central Server as and when connectivity is available
  • Real time Dashboard of Equipment Health Check
  • Definition of Equipment at Granular Level.
  • Hierarchy of Components Maintained

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