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NTL Express and Logistics has been effectively delivering transportation and express services to consumers since 1980. Offering a range of domestic and international services to consumers, NTL strives to provide quality services with the help of a potential reach of around 150 destinations nationwide and over 200 countries across the globe.

The domestic services include Overnight Express, Freight Express, and Special Services, where NTL goes the extra mile to satisfy its customers. The international services also have Global Express for urgent consignments, Economy Express for consignments with less time constraints, and then a service named Special Service, for valuable customers. Through continuous connectivity, NTL aims at improving the customer experience every passing moment.



Aiming to continuously develop with the changing pace of technology, and the challenges thrown by it, NTL felt the need to upgrade the technology they were currently using. There were two different solutions being used for domestic and international consignment management. Having two different applications handle similar functions creates hassles and compromises efficiency, whereas one application responsible for the entire operation enhances productivity, reduces dependencies, and enables comprehensive monitoring of the entire function.

NTL identified that the possibility of handling both local and international consignment management with a single solution can lead to greater levels of efficiency and competitiveness. This would enable NTL to save an ample amount of time as NTL would be better geared to tackle the problems faced in transportation and logistics management.

Unfortunately the solutions they were using did not allow them to properly track and automate their courier operations. This meant the processes were mostly carried out manually, taking a lot more effort and time, and were prone to errors. The system as a whole was unintentionally lax due to which the potential gap of customer satisfaction remained untapped.

Another need towards a more customer centric approach was the plan to develop a web based interface for NTL’s contract customers and accounts. The web based interface would allow contract customers to create consignments, bookings, and track orders directly through the interface available.


As a step towards improved customer experience, NTL partnered with Avanza Solutions to help them move towards relevant technological innovations and better management systems.  Parsec Courier Automation enabled smooth and timely execution of all the procedures and processes.

Parsec empowered NTL to provide better courier services efficiently through a robust courier management system. From consignment collection to dispatches, and from booking to delivery, each step will be well defined, and clear for the relevant people. The solution allows complete transparency of the entire process, along with regular check and balance through timely reports.


Fig 1: Parsec will act as a complete and comprehensive solution, with more than fifteen different application modules, connectivity with Oracle Financial Database and accessibility from franchises, external website and handheld devices.

As shown in the infographic, Parsec integrates with Oracle’s financial database to manage and monitor performance through periodic reports. It has more than fifteen application modules covering crucial functions like Postal Office Management, Consignment Management, Booking Management, etc. Parsec will act as a catalyst in expediting the entire courier and delivery management process, thus allowing NTL to operate in a far better and more competitive way to delivering quality services to its customers.



NTL is now more accurate with the delivery timelines, more efficient in managing the operations, and can keep track of the performance on a regular basis. Where NTL used to take out manual printed consignment notes, it is now able to take out system generated consignment notes. To make things simpler, only one consignment note is used with different consignment numbers for domestic and international consignments.

Before upgrading to Parsec, data entry for TNT Incoming and Outgoing consignments were done manually. Now the entire process has been automated by Parsec’s system providing a seamless experience, saving time and effort, and delivering increased accuracy.

With this solution, the contract customers can stay connected and can approach the services immediately, by the help of scheduled pick-up. The request reaches the riders directly and the record is on the system for tracking the pick-up in real time. Parsec’s integration with Oracle financials helps maintain the accounting information of consignments and the contract customers with minimal effort compared to when it was all done manually.

Other important benefits include effective cash collection and tracking, paperless environment and, delivery status issues. This technology-led approach enables NTL to roll out customer-centric offerings and maintain high service levels while cutting down operating costs, streamlining processes, and reducing risk of errors.

In conclusion with Avanza’s Parsec NTL is all geared up to move its operations forward and focus on its core business with more operational clarity and accuracy. For staying competitive at a fast pace environment, companies take in cutting edge technologies, and Parsec is undoubtedly the very solution NTL needed at this point in time.

NTL is planning on taking the same solution to other territories, rather than buying different solutions from the destinations. Initial plans include rolling the software to Dubai, UK and USA, but the approach is not myopic, as the solution is aimed to be taken in numerous other destinations later on. The comprehensive nature of PARSEC will act as a catalyst in making NTL’s operations smoother, faster and more efficient than it was before.

“For our organization speed and agility is what drives growth. With Avanza’s PARSEC we knew that we were on the right track. Our operations are much stronger and better aligned and we are proud to be partnered with a company that moves businesses forward.”

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