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Mobilink—Application Lifecycle Management

Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. started its services in Pakistan in 2001as Mobilink, serving more than 31.6 million subscribers as per the annual report of 2008. With a huge infrastructure and being the market leader, Mobilink has acquired the best available solutions for Application Lifecycle Management and Automation.

Business Need

In 2011, as Mobilink’s huge IT infrastructure was growing, rapidly changing business requirements and having a response to those requirements was becoming a real challenge for its operations and software development teams. The need for a Lifecycle Management tool was anticipated to keep track of Requirement Management, Source Management, and Change Management in the Software Development Lifecycle.

Avanza’s Proposed Solution

Requirement Management:

Development lifecycle starts with the generation of different requirements which are floated amongst multiple teams for analysis, design, development, and testing. A centralized mechanism was required to capture and manage the end-user requirements in their original state and to facilitate access to all teams—thus, maintaining the traceability of all artifacts and improving accessibility.

After a thorough analysis of the requirements at Mobilink, Avanza’s Quality Services Group implemented IBM Rational RequisitePro, an easy to use Requirements Management tool, which helps teams author and share their requirements using familiar document-based methods while leveraging database-enabled capabilities such as requirements traceability and impact analysis.


The solution offers the following benefits:

• Supports Microsoft Word for requirement authoring and communication; complements document-based entry with a commercial database to add organization, tracking, and management capabilities
• Easily setup requirement, attribute, and document types. Define queries and filters to quickly find information of interest
• Easily setup and track relationships between requirements to verify that high-level requirements are represented in the software requirement specs
• Anyone with web access can view, author, and manage requirements, quickly and efficiently
• Graphical display of suspected requirements as a result of requirement modification elsewhere in the project

Source Management:

It was becoming a challenge for Mobilink to monitor and manage the source code for their applications in different work environments. Source Code Management addresses situations like: “who changed the file last time?” or “which source is deployed in production?” Mobilink’s core business development team faced the challenge of developing new requirements along with the rapidly changing requirements of the organization on daily basis. They have to manage their source code in different environments and different versions to facilitate multiple users. The following are a few examples of the challenges that Mobilink was facing:

• Concurrently working on the same file for development
• Merging files after development
• Version Management of source file
• Branching for multiple releases
• Source code traceability

To overcome such situations, Avanza proposed IBM Rational ClearCase to indicate when the artifacts may be managed and versioned, including software code, hardware, documents, design models, and even the directory structure.


IBM Rational ClearCase is beneficial in the following ways:
• Manage files, directories, and other development assets across the lifecycle
• Effectively manage ‘issues’ and ‘change to resolution’
• Create repeatable, enforceable, and predictable processes
• Simplifies Compliance Management and Governance that:
o Traces origin and details of project changes
o Verifies identities and ensures changes are made only by authorized individuals
• Access anywhere, anytime
• Immediate access to any version of a file
• Allows teams to work on the same code or release at the same time with the ability to easily resolve conflicts, reduce confusion, and get more done in a short timespan
• Provides control over personal workspaces and enables seamless access to the exact files and directory versions that are needed
• Allows developers to work in their preferred environment

Change Management:

In SDLC, issues occur frequently and at the high-end and this frequency increases with the size and complexity of applications. To fulfill the business requirements, therefore, there is a constant requirement of issues tracking and issues fixing delegation. The situation becomes very challenging when teams are geographically separated and need to work in an integrated, centralized environment.

Teams at Mobilink are dedicated to perform the User Acceptance Test (UAT) for applications for the business requirements before moving the application or changing the production environment. There is a continual requirement of reporting and delegating issues to the respective stakeholders and issues verification after fixing.

IBM Rational ClearQuest offers a comprehensive Change Management Solution. It provides change tracking, process automation, reporting, and lifecycle traceability for better visibility and control of the software development lifecycle. By implementing this web-based solution, the users have centralized access to report issues, which are visible to the concerned person for further activity.


The following benefits have been achieved after implementing the solution at Mobilink:
• Create repeatable, enforceable, and predictable processes
• Improve project visibility and decision making
• Simplify compliance management and governance
• Trace origin and details of project changes
• Verify identities and ensure changes are made only by authorized individuals
• Jumpstart implementations with out-of-the-box templates and quickly meet unique organizational needs


“Avanza is providing us support for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution along with the Quality Management and Test Automation tool. With strong trust on their service excellence and expertise in IBM technologies, we are very confident to utilize IBM Quality Management and Test Automation tools as per our requirements. Working with Avanza is a very good experience, the best part of Avanza is their focus on our core need, which enables us to reduce time and improve performance. We will definitely consider them on priority in future also, whenever we need services/support in technical solutions of their domain.”

Saima Badar Analyst Technology Solutions Mobilink

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