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KFH – Contact Center Solution

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) was established in 1977 in Kuwait as the first Islamic Bank offering Shari’a-compliant financial products and banking in the GCC region. Today, KFH is the leader in Islamic Financial Institutions across the world. KFH provides a wide range of Shari’a-compliant products and services encompassing banking, real estate, trade finance, investment portfolios, and corporate, commercial, and retail financial markets.

KFH’s Business Challenge

KFH Contact Center provides many services to its customers through phone. These services cover day to day banking, ATM services, credit card services, payments for utility, transferring funds to charities, and so forth.

In order to serve their clients, KFH was using different applications for different channels. The solution was effective for customers with few products and services, however, with the growth of their customer base acquiring more and more products, it became very cumbersome for the contact center agents to mange their customers. There was no integration among different applications and channels.

It was difficult to get a complete consolidated status of the customer. Moreover, agent training costs were rising and agent productivity was declining. The time required to handle a customer became longer.

This scenario impacted the customer service image of the bank.

Avanza’s Value Proposition

After studying and evaluating KFH’s requirements, Avanza proposed a customer relationship management solution coupled with Avaya’s latest telephony technology to serve their customers efficiently, in a timely manner. Avanza’s flagship CRM product Unison 2.0 integrated with different systems and channels to provide superior services to KFH’s customers. Load balancers were added between each layer to provide high availability of the system. With an easy-to -use interface, Unison fulfilled KFH’s customer needs through one platform. The processes were streamlined and operational risks were reduced. Agent training costs were minimized as only one system was used to serve multiple requirements. Agent productivity was increased through a 360 degree view of the customer’s profile.

This resulted in offering more relevant products and services to the customers, based on their real-time profile. Customer interactions were recorded for quality assurance purposes.

In essence, Unison offered:

  • Accounts management
  • Credit card services
  • ATM services
  • Funds transfer services
  • Utility and charity/donation payments
  • Complaint management
  • E-forms
  • Sales leads
  • Reports


KFH reaped the following benefits through this solution:

  • All internal processes are enforced and streamlined, reducing operational risks
  • 360 degree view of customer’s profile is available with current product details
  • Multiple customer requests are served through a single platform
  • Operational efficiency has increased phenomenally
  • Overall agent productivity has increased significantly
  • Opportunity for offering relevant products and services has  been maximized
  • Seamless integration with other banking systems and Avaya telephony
  • Customer interactions are managed effectively
  • Scalable application architecture leaving room for future enhancements


mehar“As the PM for this project in Kuwait, which included the deployment of Avanza’s flagship CRM product, Unison 2.0, I interacted on daily basis with the Avanza team from design to delivery and post delivery support. The interaction was professional, courteous, and of high quality, both in terms of quality and quantity. The speed to respond to queries and issues and the level of business acumen established within a reasonably short time allowed for surprise-free experience that is seldom found in such big projects.”

Maher Adi (Project Manager – Avaya)




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