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Al Masraf

Al Masraf—Enterprise CRM and Contact Center Solution

Al Masraf was established in 1976 by a special decree signed by the rulers of the seven Emirates. It is owned by the Federal Government of United Arab Emirates, The Libyan Foreign Bank, and Banque Exterieure d’Algerie. Currently, Al Masraf is engaged in the process of major technological modernization across all levels of the organization to realize its dynamic vision of becoming the ‘Preferred, Trusted, and Pioneer Bank’ in the region.

Al Masraf‘s Business Challenge

Al Masraf needed a comprehensive CRM solution to have a 360 degree view of the customer on a single integrated platform across its multiple banking channels. Avanza Solutions proposed Unison (an enterprise-wide, web-based application) providing the bank with Customer Interaction Management, integrating with the bank’s legacy systems, and giving a 360 degree customer view.

With a large customer base and information scattered across multiple banking channels, Al Masraf’s first and foremost strategic objective was to have effective and efficient customer interactions. To attain this strategic objective, Al Masraf needed a system that could provide quality services up to the desired service levels, handle customer requests and complaints, have a single consolidated and integrated 360 degree view of the customer, and support and enhance the bank’s customer service center, branches, and call center—delivering to the promise: “Al Masraf cares for its customer.”

Al Masraf required a comprehensive CRM application to add value to its existing services for customers visiting/calling branches and service centers. The solution was required to offer the following:

• Identification of customer across all attributes and channels through a single interface
• Improvement in communication, both internally and with customers
• Service quality improvements
• Automation of the present manual document flow process
• Effective monitoring and control
• Complaints and requests tracking
• Introducing new services for customers

Avanza’s Value Proposition

In order to meet Al Masraf’s requirements for 360 degree customer view, service quality, and e-Form process automation, Avanza proposed and implemented Unison 2.0 (an enterprise-wide, web-based application).

The solution is intended to facilitate Al Masraf’s operations, providing maximum automation at all customer service points like branches and service centers. This solution is based on a workflow mechanism, where a customer request initiated at the branch and/or call center passes through an automated route till it is resolved. Integration of multiple delivery channels has allowed application users to reach out to a larger customer base and also to effectively accomplish various tasks within the bank through a single interface.

Avanza’s CRM Solution, Unison, has not only enabled Al Masraf to leverage a state-of-the-art CRM application to meet their strategic needs, but has also provided a platform that will serve Al Masraf’s need to maintain a competitive advantage in the future. Unison 2.0 includes implementation of the following modules at Al Masraf:

• Customer Portfolio, a fully integrated Know Your Customer (KYC) Module
• Customer Care
• Complaint Management
• E-Form Management




Know Your Customer (3600 View)

A complete view of the customer, including:

1. Demographics
2. Products owned
3. Detailed history of prior customer interactions
4. Status of each and every request (e-Form) and complaint
5. Ability to manage and process requests and complaints from the same interface

This allows the bank to:

1. Increase compliance with agreed service levels and decrease target resolution time of cases
2. Have calculated decision making
3. Increase customer satisfaction

Integration with Legacy Systems

Integration was done with legacy systems by utilizing readymade adapters, reducing the overall time to integrate enterprise level applications.

This integration was done with major banking systems including Core Banking, TradeWind, Treasury, Debit and Credit (Vision+), Cheques (ICCS), and Signatures.

Out-of-the-box Processes for E-Forms/Complaints

A number of out-of-the-box, pre-configured, e-Forms and complaints with associated workflows (tuned for banking industry needs) were provided, reducing the overall implementation time.

Customer Interaction Management

Efficient handling of customer interactions is ensured through the following features:

1. Fetch customer information
2. Record activities
3. Ability to SMS
4. Ability to email documents 
5. Call Scripts

Access Anywhere, Everywhere

Being browser-based, Al Masraf can access Unison from anywhere. The robust security module to configure ‘who can access what?’ allows flexibility along with security—ensuring total compliance with Al Masraf’s security standards.

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