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Year 2012

Mr. Nasser Abdulla Lootah (Chairman of Nasser Abdulla Lootah Group) Invests in  Avanza Solutions—Diversifying into the Dynamic IT Sector

Dubai-based entrepreneur and investor Mr. Nasser Abdulla Lootah, Chairman of Nasser Abdulla Lootah Group (NALG), invests in Avanza Solutions, one of the leading IT companies of the region.  NALG, headquarters in Dubai, is one of the oldest and largest diversified groups in the Middle East region. Founded more than 25 years ago, the group’s diverse business activities span a varied portfolio in Information Technology, Travel, Shipping, Freight, Logistics, Mineral Water, Real Estates, Niche Trading, and Education.

Avanza Solutions has lead the software solutions market for over 12 years now, having regional offices in Middle East and Pakistan. With over 300+ customers world-wide, cutting a cross-section of industries, with specific concentration in the financial and government sectors.

Mr. Nasser Abdulla Lootah’s  investment decision is based on Avanza’s impressive valuation in terms of an extensive product line and immense market potential. This investment is aimed to diversify NALG in the IT sector and will take Avanza’s growth to a new level, primarily focusing on further strengthening Avanza’s global presence and expanding its product portfolio.

Avanza Solutions wins third consecutive award at P@SHA ICT Awards
‘Best Financial Application’ awarded to Aurum—Avanza’s Loyalty Points Management Solution

P@SHA ICT Awards are amongst the most esteemed IT awards in the region and Avanza Solutions is delighted to have consecutively won in its Financial Applications Category for several years now. P@SHA celebrated the ICT Awards for 2012 in a glorious ceremony held on the 10th of October in Lahore.

This year, Avanza Solutions has received the ‘Best Financial Application’ award for Aurum (Loyalty Points Management Solutions). Aurum is a unique product that provides lifecycle management of all the processes involved in any reward program from its designing till it is used to disburse benefits to customers and the company itself. Aurum enables an organization to define, maintain, and manage loyalty programs across products, services, channels usage, referrals, and cross sales.

The technology choice for the development of Aurum is characterized by Robustness, Scalability, User-friendliness, Reliability, and Accuracy—the distinguishing factors for Avanza to win this prestigious award.

“As the financial industry is evolving, customer engagement and loyalty have become key elements of sustainable business. Aurum is a very promising addition to our CRM product line and has immense potential to foster long-term customer relationships. I’m really glad to receive the Best Financial Application award.” Zia Ahmed (Product Manager – Aurum, Avanza Solutions)

HBL Selects Unison 2.0 – Enterprise-wide CRM Solution

HBL is the largest private sector bank in Pakistan with over 1,450 branches across the country and a customer base exceeding five million. The Bank is expanding its presence in principal international markets including the UK, UAE, South and Central Asia, Africa and the Far East.

HBL has selected Unison 2.0, Avanza’s Enterprise CRM Solution, to expand their Call Center services and introduce new services to customers based on uninterrupted, anywhere-anytime services to customers.

Unison 2.0 is an complete enterprise wide CRM which will allow HBL to serve its customers through inbound agent desktop and will also facilitate the bank in acquiring new customers by Managing Leads, Opportunities & Sales along with Complaint Management and a Centralized Workflow System to manage various customer requests and Campaigns thus giving access to accurate information across the bank to call agents as well as back office users.

The solution provides a centralized 360° view to supply customers and partners with superior and personalized services. In order to streamline the whole process and to facilitate the customers in performing transactions, Unison will integrate with HBL’s core Banking system (Mysis) and other host systems such as CTL, ATM Switch, Fax, Email Channels, and Genesys (CTI) via Middleware (Rendezvous). The solution will empower HBL to add different countries to same call center where by each country would have its own distributed Core Banking system.

The high level solution includes the following:

  • Customer Portfolio Management
  • Inbound Agent Desktop
  • Outbound module
  • Soft phone for Genesys
  • Campaign Management
  • Sales Force automation
  • Multi-institution module
  • Integration with Genesys (CTI)
  • Integration with HBL Host Systems
  • Administration
  • MIS reporting
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