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Year 2010

November: Avanza Solutions—Gold Sponsor for IBEX 2010; International Banking & Financial Services Technology Exhibition, Abu Dhabi

International Banking & Financial Services Technology Exhibition (IBEX) 2010 held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, Abu Dhabi from 9-11 November 2010 is one of the leading financial technology exhibitions in the region. The exhibition represents a true opportunity to introduce products and services for the financial and banking sectors.  IBEX represents as an exceptional occasion to meet with many of the decision makers who work in varying financial & banking sectors.

Avanza Solutions is a global software solutions provider, specializing in e-Business and e-Banking Solutions, Microsoft Technology Solutions, IT Consulting, Enterprise Application Services, Infrastructure Management, and Quality Services with 300+ customers worldwide cutting a cross-section of industries, with specific concentration in the financial and government sectors.

Gold partner for IBEX 2010, Avanza Solutions showcases its innovative products for the financial industry including its financial middleware product Rendezvous—recently awarded the ‘Best Financial Application of Asia Pacific’ by APICTA, Malaysia.

Avanza has over a decade of service experience in banking and financial markets. With its products running in banking and financial sector worldwide, Avanza is one of the leading providers of e-Banking applications and middleware in US, Middle East, Africa, Spain, Australia, and Pakistan. Avanza’s portfolio comprises an entire product range for front-end banking, SOA middleware, transaction processing, quality services, Microsoft SharePoint-based Solutions, Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Solutions, and other Value Added Services. In collaboration with its technology partners, Avanza provides the broadest functionality for helping banks grow their business effectively and optimize performance, from front to back office in the following areas:

  • Banking CRM
  • Wealth Management
  • Loyalty & Rewards Points
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
  • ATM Controller & Middleware
  • Bill Payment Solutions
  • Kiosk Applications
  • Internet Banking
  • Property Management
  • e-Statement Solution
  • Quality Management Services

From Business and IT consulting to Process Improvement and Implementation, Avanza offers cutting-edge technologies and business models that allow customers to quickly and efficiently improve the way they do business. Avanza offers total business integration by helping its customers integrate business operations by linking processes, applications, and legacy data.

Avanza has bagged several Awards for its products, recently, Rendezvous—Avanza’s financial middleware received the ‘Best Financial Industry Application’ award at Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2010.

The most significant of Avanza’s products showcased at IBEX 2010 are:

  • Matrix—Investment and Property Management
  • Aurum—Loyalty/Rewards Points Solution
  • Unison—Contact Center and CRM Solution
  • Rendezvous—Financial Middleware
  • eBPS—Bill Payment Solution
  • Nimbus—ATM Controller
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • E-Infrastructure Solutions
  • Microsoft SharePoint based Solutions
  • Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Solution

November: Customer Interaction Management—the human face of channel banking by Waqas Mirza, SEVP—Head of Core Products & Services at Avanza Solutions
The International Conference of Banking & Financial Services Technology & Alternative Investment Strategies, Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Center         

IBC & AIS is an International Conference focusing Alternative investments, Investment strategy, money markets, and financial services technologies will be held in Abu Dhabi from the 9th to 11th of November.
The conference will bring together leaders of the Investment and finance industry, top experts, decision makers and academics to discuss the perspective and challenges facing these vital sectors in view of formulating a new vision and strategic solutions, propelled by the latest technologies that limit the barriers and categorize the competitive capabilities of these sectors.
Mr. Waqas Mirza, a leading IT Professional and currently the SEVP—Head of Core Products & Services at Avanza Solutions, speaks at IBEX on Customer Interaction Management.  A customer is a living entity and holds a number of instruments and relationships with your organization. Banks normally have this information in backend systems, this information is not used for is to “interact with customers—in real-time”. Avanza Solutions has several CRM and CIM softwares, from a dynamic technology solution, to contact your customers over a mobile medium to the complete CRM Suite; Avanza has designed its products to provide an integrated view of every customer across multiple channels. Identifying customer behavior, relationships, actions, complaints, and requests at the time of customer interaction from all channels—thus providing the capability to address customers with a human touch, leaving them with a “wow” effect that “my bank understands me as a person and not a number!”
Avanza has also focused on the Investment management area. Matrix, Avanza’s Investment management solution, which is aimed to support business activities in the investment management area. It comprises of a suite of integrated modules, which are developed to support diverse operations is also the part of Avanza’s highlighted products at IBEX 2010


November: Avanza Solutions’ Rendezvous Wins Best Financial Application Merit Award at APICTA 2010


Avanza won the best Financial Applications Merit Award for Rendezvous at MSC Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) 2010, Malaysia. APICTA is amongst the most esteemed ICT awards in the region and Avanza has won in its most competitive category.

The Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) is an international initiative by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) that is intended to acknowledge innovators and entrepreneur in the ICT sector. The ceremony was hosted by members of the Asia Pacific ICT alliance in Malaysia and recognized the most innovative ICT companies of the region.

Rendezvous, an Enterprise Application Integration Suite, provides an economic, agile, and secure infrastructure for Enterprise Application Integration and Transaction Processing. It is designed specifically for the Financial Industry to address their integration requirements. The technology choice for the development of Rendezvous is characterized by Mission Criticality. High Performance, High Availability, Design Agility, and security—were the distinguishing factors for Avanza to win this award.


October: Avanza Solutions Showcases Microsoft-based Solutions & Services at GITEX 2010

Dubai:  Avanza Solutions, Gold Partner of Microsoft is presenting a spectrum of Microsoft Solutions ranging from implementation of out-of-the-box to enterprise level custom-built solutions at GITEX 2010 being held in Dubai from 17th to 21st of October 2010, giving a platform for the ICT sector to exhibit their business solutions to the stakeholders.

GITEX is one of the world’s most dynamic and influential ICT exhibitions. It is an important opportunity to connect with organizations in the Middle East, and one of the main shows where you can share your business solutions with different stakeholders. The event is seeing major participation and interest from non-IT sectors such as government, and education not only UAE but from other Gulf countries, which are increasingly looking to technology to drive growth and are making significant investments in ICT.

Avanza Solutions excel its expertise/skills in areas of Information Workers suite mainly in SharePoint 2007/2010, Enterprise Project Management, Business Intelligence, Performance Management, MS CRM and bespoke solutions. In recent past, we have been engaged on 40 plus projects with solid customer base primarily on SharePoint domain followed by MS EPM, Performance Point & Dynamics suite. With over ten years of experience in serving the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asian financial markets, Avanza offers business-driven solutions in Government, Private, and financial sector organizations.

October: Avanza Solutions’ Rendezvous wins PASHA ICT Awards 2010 for Best Financial Industry Application

P@SHA ICT Awards is the flagship event of the Pakistan IT & ITES industry. Amongst the winners Avanza Solutions proved to be the premier software company and grabbed the best Award of the night for its ground-breaking innovation—Rendezvous.

P@SHA ICT Awards 2010 brings together participants from across the industry to experience the world-class work that has been done by the companies in the Pakistan ICT sector. This is the flagship event of the IT & ITES industry in Pakistan and P@SHA organizes this event annually to celebrate the innovation in local ICT industry. The awards are in its 7th year and it is the first time these awards were held in Lahore. The awards were given to the winners in 24 different categories who were judged by a panel of judges from the private and public sector.

Rendezvous, Financial Middleware by Avanza, was marked to the top by grabbing the most prestigious award of the night for  the best Financial Industry Application. After a series of rigorous analysis by the judges, Avanza’s Rendezvous was selected on its uniqueness, market potential, and quality and was recognized as the best quality product serving the Financial Industry.

Rendezvous is an Enterprise Application Integration Suite providing an economic, agile, and secure infrastructure for Enterprise Application Integration and Transaction Processing. It is specifically designed for the Financial Industry. The technology choice for the development of Rendezvous is made based on the characteristics of the system i.e. Mission Criticality, High Performance, High Availability, Design Agility, and Security. It enables seamless and secure integration between a multitude of Backend and Frontend Systems. Built on a robust development kit Rendezvous gives Out of the box support for popular enterprise systems with High transaction throughput and low latency rates.

Avanza specializes in crafting leading Enterprise E-Banking Solutions. With over ten years of experience in serving the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asian financial markets, Avanza offers business-driven solutions in the CRM, Wealth Management, Loyalty & Rewards Points, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, ATM Controller & VAS on ATM/CDM/POS, Bill Payment Solutions , Kiosk Applications, Internet Banking, Property Management, e-Statement Solution, and Quality Management Services.
Mr. Mahmood Kapurwala, CEO of Avanza Solutions, upon receiving the Award said: “It’s a great pleasure receiving such a prestigious Award. I would like to express sincere gratitude to my team and look forward to contribute the best products to this industry in the years to come”.

September: Standard Chartered Bank signs Bill Payments Solution with Avanza

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) aspires to be the best international bank for its customers through introducing new products and services backed by reliable technology.  One of SCB’s primary focus is on offering value to customers by innovating its services. SCB is now offering Bill Payment Services on ATMs to both SCB and non-SCB customers who visit the bank’s branch network. The Bill Payments Solution will be integrated with 1Link, on account of which, any customer can walk into an SCB branch and pay their bills to any of the biller organizations that are set up on SCB’s bill payments system.

eBPS Features

  • Centralized Electronic Bill Payment Solution (eBPS) for organizations/utility companies (or billers)
  • Bill payment facility to SCB and non-SCB customers
  • Facility for billers to set up their bill collection mechanism at all SCB branches
  • Automation key areas in  existing bill payment services of SCB
  • Teller Application for Branches
  • Back Office Cheque Processing Workflow for off-us cheques
  • Automated Bill Payment for customers

September: Summit Bank expands its ADC operations with Avanza’s products

Summit Bank (formerly Arif Habib Bank) selects Avanza to consolidate its growing ATM operations and strengthen its roots through alternate delivery channels.

Summit Bank is one of the fastest growing banks in Pakistan with a vision of becoming the most reliable financial service provider. Following its expansion through acquiring Atlas Bank, Summit Bank intends to have a reliable architecture in place that will simplify their heterogeneous network systems and offer seamless backend channel integration. With the bank’s confidence in Avanza’s solutions built over years of experience, Summit bank is now migrating all ATM operations to Nimbus, Avanza’s comprehensive ATM suite.

Avanza’s complete solution for Summit Bank entails Nimbus—ATM Switch backed by Rendezvous—Financial Middleware and Vision—Card Production System, and Ambit—Retail & Corporate Internet Banking. The following are the main features of Avanza’s complete solution that Summit Bank will get benefit from, with built in end-to-end integrated delivery channel:

  • A switching solution that provides end-to-end SST driving, transaction authorization and routing, multi channel acquiring and issuing, host interchange interfaces and transaction settlements
  • Consolidated infrastructure with all in one suite for e-Banking operations management
  • Provides an infrastructure for future component applications that will be managed by Summit Bank
  • Highly configurable and extensible business process flows to bend with bank’s requirements

August: National Bank of Commerce signs Nimbus—Avanza‘s ATM Controller

National Bank of Commerce (NBC) has selected Avanza’s products Nimbus—ATM controller, Rendezvous—Financial middleware, and Vision—Card production, monitoring, and reporting tool. These products will help NBC in centralizing their ATM Management while also providing a comprehensive card management and production system.

The following are the key features of the solution:

  • System Integration
  • Transaction processing and routing
  • Multi lingual support
  • Transaction set
  • Multi  network  profiling
  • Card creation
  • User interface
  • Balance inquiry
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Reversal
  • Cutover

Nimbus controls the functionalities and features provided on the ATM devices, monitors and reports the status of ATM devices, and provides a comprehensive command centre dashboard for ATM controlling. This solution will meet the requirements of NBC and will help them manage its operations in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

NBC is amongst the fast-growing banks in Rwanda and is investing in Electronic Banking Infrastructure to offer better products and services, thereby, achieving an edge in the banking sector of Africa.

April: Arif Habib Bank signs VISA & Proprietary Prepaid Cards Solution

Being one of the fastest growing banks in the country, Arif Habib Bank Limited (AHBL) is, continuously, enhancing its Electronic Banking Infrastructure through introducing new products backed by reliable technology. Taking this vision further, AHBL signed for Avanza’s VISA & Proprietary Prepaid Cards solution on March 9, 2010. Avanza’s Visa & Proprietary Prepaid Cards solution will facilitate AHBL to offer Cash Withdrawal and Balance Inquiry transactions over ATM and Purchase transactions at Point of Sale (POS). Using this comprehensive and secure solution, AHBL is also introducing the facilities of Funds Transfer, IBFT, E-Top Up, Utility Bill Payment, Cash Reload, Credit Card Bill Payment, and Mini Statement to its cardholders.

March: Ambit – Internet Banking implementation at Arif Habib Bank

Arif Habib Bank has signed Ambit – Avanza’s comprehensive Internet Banking product. The project would deliver three banking flavors to AHBL’s customers over the internet: Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, and Mobile Banking. With Rendezvous as the designated financial middleware, Ambit shall provide a comprehensive, direct and anytime-anywhere service delivery channel for most of AHBL’s services.

March: Avanza serves the African Financial Market, Uganda Finance Trust selects Nimbus as their countrywide ATM Controller

Uganda Finance Trust (UFT) has selected Nimbus, Avanza’s ATM Switch, as their countrywide ATM controller. The bank will use Nimbus to manage the facilities offered over their ATM devices throughout the country. Nimbus will also monitor and report the status of these ATM devices and provide the bank complete control over their ATM operations.

Uganda Finance Trust Ltd MDI is one of the oldest Microfinance Institutions of the country having commenced its operations in 1984. The company has one of the largest branch networks in Uganda with 23 interconnected branches strategically positioned all over the country and serves over 127,000 customers.

February: Dubai Police implements Unison, Avanza’s Call Center Management Solution

Dubai Police signed Unison — a comprehensive Call Center Management Solution by Avanza. Unison has empowered Dubai Police to manage personalized caller interactions across multiple channels by:

  • One-window caller service
  • Effective monitoring and control
  • Easy tracking of complaints/service

By implementing Unison, Dubai Police aims to enhance caller relationships and provide efficient services. Avanza is implementing this solution in collaboration with Avaya.

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