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Year 2008

December: Teradata enlisted Avanza’s expertise in CRM solutions for Telenor’s call centersAt the onset of the project, Telenor was looking for a solution that integrated its existing systems like Genesys, Siebel, and Nice Perform to deliver an inbound and outbound management system that included not only voice calls but also emails to facilitate Telenor’s rapidly growing customer base.

After detailed analysis, Avanza provided a tailored solution that enabled a transparent view of each customer’s history to the 750 customer service agents at Telenor. Through the Agent Desktop solution the agents are able to cater to each customer’s queries and complaints immediately and effectively. The inbound and outbound calls system has been operational since June 2008.

The second phase which was the inbound and outbound email management system has just been completed successfully. It is the first of its kind in the industry and once it goes live, the customers will be able to voice their concerns anytime, anywhere, and at absolutely no cost.

December: Meezan Bank selects Avanza Solutions to provide VISA ATM and POS transactions as an issuer

Meezan Bank is the leader in Islamic Banking in Pakistan. It also has a strong infrastructure in place for offering state-of-the-art banking facilities to its customer, be it IVR, Call Center, or ATMs. The bank is using Avanza Solutions’ CardPro (for Card Production), Nimbus (for ATM Acquiring) and Rendezvous (as a middleware to connect 1LINK and other delivery channels to Meezan Bank’s core banking systems). In order to add value to the current Debit Card offering, Meezan Bank is now getting certified with VISA network (via 1LINK) so that its customers can take advantage of the worldwide VISA ATM and POS Network. Avanza Solutions is honored to be selected as Meezan’s technology partner for the certification.

The requirements from Meezan Bank are to extend the current implementation by Avanza Solutions to provide the VISA ATM and POS transactions as an issuer. These transactions will originate from VISA network and routed to Meezan Bank by 1LINK. Moreover, the card production process will be extended to support Classic and Gold cards, with card encoding and printing upgraded as per the VISA requirements.


December: Weatherford selects Avanza as development partner for their enterprise wide management solution

Avanza Solution is selected as Development Partner by Weatherford for their enterprise wide management solution, which satisfies Weatherford’s diversified business critical needs. The vision also entails equipment maintenance, preventive maintenance scheduling, rig movement, downtime reporting, integration with SAP, and integration with existing document management system, administrative features and other supporting modules to serve Weatherford’s business needs.

Weatherford with such wide presence of drilling rigs all around the world and having few disconnected rigs in less developed areas is looking for flexible solutions that can work in online and offline mode and should be capable of synchronizing activities of all the oil rigs at one central location. The main objective of implementing the solution for Weatherford is for maintaining information of activities on various locations, allow synchronization of data entered from connected/disconnected sources, central point to administer all the equipments within all the countries, securely transfer data from various locations, prevent data loss in each rig, provide comprehensive reports/dashboards, history maintenance, and provide users will timely alerts and notifications.


November: Emirates Global Bank, a dedicated Islamic Commercial Bank with a wide network of branches operating across all four provinces, has contracted Avanza Solutions to integrate their network with Orix

EGIBL already has a Avanza Solutions’ middleware “Rendezvous” in place which is providing transaction interface for a number of delivery channels. The bank now wishes to integrate with Orix network to enable their customers to use their ATM cards on any Orix POS terminal. To date, existing ATM cards can be used on EGIBL ATMs as well as any other ATM, which is either connected to Mnet or 1-Link network as EGIBL already has connectivity with 1-Link network for receiving ATM transactions and once Orix in place, EGIBL will receive POS transactions from Orix for their ATM card holders

October: JS Bank selects Avanza Solutions as their preferred technology partners for developing an interface between Mobex and JS Bank Core Banking System via Avanza’s Rendezvous

‘MOBEX limited’ is in process of developing an Electronic platform for branchless banking, which would enable banks & financial institutions to extend their reach to customers in providing a secure and robust means of conducting banking transactions without the need of visiting the traditional branches. For this JS Bank has signed up with Avanza Solutions to help Mobex achieve this by directly interfacing with Avanza’s Rendezvous interface for posting online transactions on JS Bank’s Core banking system.


October: Completion of CRM Portal Project at Network International

Network International awarded the CRM Portal project to Avanza in September 2007. At the onset of the project, NI was looking for a solution that reaches into every department and desk of the organization and provides measurable performance parameters in the areas of sales, execution, and service.

After detailed study and analysis Avanza provided a tailored CRM solution to address the objectives laid down by NI, through a strong platform and data store that provides across the board visibility of organization’s KPI and customer relationship. The solution has been rolled out on all departments at NI and is ,effectively, delivering the desired process automation and reporting.


October: NIB Bank Limited chooses Avanza’s Nimbus to develop a migration solution for migrating PICIC ATMs

A two phase project; where in the first phase a bridge was developed between NIB and PICIC systems. All the NIB cards holders performing transaction on PICIC ATM were routed to NIB Rendezvous and vice versa.

In subsequent phases all the ATMs from PICIC were migrated to NIB network. NIB is, currently, in the migration process and have already migrated 60+ branches on their network. Moreover, NIB now currently holds second largest ATM network (80+) after Meezan (100+) on NIMBUS.

October: Kabul Bank selects Avanza yet again to provide enhanced operation features by issuing debit and credit MasterCards to its customers

Kabul Bank is one of the largest Banks in Afghanistan that provides alternative channels to its customer for better services. They are using Avanza Solution Nimbus ATM controller for acquiring ATM transactions. Kabul Bank is going to enhance its operation by issuing debit & credit MasterCards to its customers. To fulfill this functionality, Credit Card Services Company S.A.L Lebanon will provide connectivity with MasterCard network. In this regard, Avanza Solution is offering an upgraded MasterCard component for its Nimbus ATM controller to support MasterCard transactions. All transaction will route through CSC System.

Nimbus ATM controller will be upgraded with MasterCard additional component to support MasterCard transactions. It will also configure an adapter that will provide connectivity with CSC System. CSC system will then connect to MasterCard Network.

September: Gobash Investments signs for Matrix

Matrix is a secure and efficient web based investment management portal that allows companies to maintain complete and concise information on all investors, portfolios, and investments information that takes place within a company.

September: Avanza’s ISO 9001:2000 Certificate was renewed

HR @ Educational institutes

Movie night @ Avanza

Movie Night for all staff members was arranged at Royal Rodale Club auditorium.

July: PASHA Job Fair

Avanza Participated in PASHA Job Fair to attract fresh and experienced talent from Computer Science discipline.

July: Grand Hiring day

In-house Hiring Day conducted 17 Job Offers were extended in a single day.

July: Commercial Bank of Dubai has chosen to go with Avanza’s Investment Management Solution

(Matrix) to cater for their Investment Management Division requirement covering Internal Investments and Investment Management Services for their customers (Al Dana). It’s an integrated application catering to CBD’s Internal Investments. Wealth Management, Capital Markets, and Bank Assurance services. It also interfaces with core banking and SWIFT at CBD. Additionally, Sales Force Automation is also a part of the solution.

June: Signing of SEHA Portal

Signing of SEHA Portal Project: (Abu Dhabi Health Services Company). Avanza is in process of implementing Web Portal Solution with MOSS 2008 at SEHA. The general feature like news, announcements, events along with SEHA’s services, and information and its associated organizations will be available through web portal.

March: Participation in the job fair

Avanza participated in the job fair to attract fresh and experienced talent from Computer Science discipline.

March: Avanza’s recent launch of the Investment Management Solution at DIB

Dubai Islamic Bank is a prominent bank in UAE, providing a multitude of banking services to their customers. Additionally, DIB also manages investment services, catering internally towards their investment management, and externally towards customers. Avanza Solutions with the signed solution of ‘Matrix’, will automate their processes with a robust web base application that will allow the automation of the entire Front Office and COD operations at DIB.

January: Avanza becomes CMMI Level 2 appraised company

CMMI is internationally recognized model for process improvement. Avanza always believe in continual quality improvement. The focus on process improvement from day one has resulted in the achievement of this milestone. Avanza is on its way to get CMMI Level 3 achieved.

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