Information Security Policy

It is the policy of Avanza Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. to create, maintain and continually improve the Information Security Management System and to adhere to ISMS practices in compliance with best practices required for Software development, support & services and information security needs of the customer.

Avanza Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd works within the framework of the Federal / Local Government, while fulfilling the contractual obligation of the client. This is to ensure protection of its information assets from all threats – internal or external, deliberate or accidental and natural disasters.

information security avanza

Furthermore, to achieve this objective Avanza Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd will ensure the following:

  • Business requirements for availability of information and systems are met.
  • Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information is maintained throughout the project & organization work flow.
  • All corporate assets (tangible/intangible) are located in a physically and logically secure environment.
  • Risks to all corporate assets (tangible/intangible) are assessed and against all risks appropriate contingency and mitigation plans are defined.
  • Human resources are provided with conducive work environment, free from safety hazards.
  • Physical, Logical and Remote access to all the corporate assets (tangible/intangible), information and physical locations is monitored and controlled.
  • Disaster Recovery plans are established, maintained, and tested and periodically and updated as needed.
  • Address Information Security at Project Level are maintained.
  • Information security related incident should be reported & resolved through incident management process.
  • Any information breach should be handled as per the company disciplinary policy.
  • All relevant event logs shall be produced, kept and regularly reviewed.

This policy has been approved by the company management and shall be annually reviewed by the management.

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