Technology is the foundation on which any lucrative business stands, it optimizes efforts, streamlines operations and mitigates risk. IT leverages products & services by providing a more focused, customized, and consistent experience every time.

Our services ensure that you reach your customers through the best channel, in the best way, and with minimal hassle. As a result, you achieve business benefits like increased productivity, improved efficiency, and faster execution of initiatives.

Avanza provides services that compliment your systems to deliver a more effective and consistent experience to your customers.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Swift implementation of new technology
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved flexibility
  • Streamlined processes
  • Improved delivery times

Business Solutions Development

Organizations rely on robust and agile applications to run their business processes, reach new customers, and sell products and services. Whereas, business applications in the back office maintain records, manage inventories, process analytics, and coordinate general administrative functions.

Avanza’s expertise in developing customized applications creates the edge organizations require to become more competitive in the market. With hundreds of customers in the region, we help drive innovation by integrating technology into the enterprise IT landscape.

We work very closely with the customer to understand their requirements and are committed to delivering software solutions that are scalable, flexible, and a perfect fit with what the customer requires.


  • Solutions are tailor-made to your requirement
  • Application are more scalable than off-the-shelf software packages
  • Custom applications are more secure from external threats
  • Increase business agility and flexibility
  • Improve business value
  • Reduce high and unpredictable application management costs
  • Optimize costs
  • Enhance efficiency

Avanza’s Multicenter Development Process has been designed to deliver projects consistent with customer-specific requirements. Based on “Software Engineering Industry Best Practices”, it encompasses the vast knowledge from such standard frameworks as the SEI-CMM, Rational Unified Process (RUP), XP, IEEE Software Engineering Guides, ISO 9000, and the knowledge of its own experienced resources.

Onsite/Offshore Delivery Models

Our unique onsite/offshore business model allows us to offer competitively priced service and solution packages. Specialized on-site/offshore teams can be deployed whenever the projects demands to provide the best value for the customers.

Until now, customers were forced to choose between high price or low value. Avanza’s business model combines services of high value with relatively lower costs. Our approach to onsite/offshore services is a unique model, which blends a sound onsite systems integration practice with a premier offshore software engineering business.


Every day heaps of funds are transferred between organizations or sent by migrants to their home countries. Managing, processing, risk profiling, AML compliance, funds transfer and payment to beneficiary in real time is a challenge for any Money remittance company. Monex provides a complete end-to-end solution for the growing and challenging business needs of remittance organizations.

The system is developed exclusively in close coordination with current remittance businesses and industry leaders. It ensures that all required features are available in the application for smooth and successful business execution. The application effectively manages all aspects of a money transfer business from Head office, Region, Agents, Sub Agents to Customers and Beneficiaries, using simple to use yet advanced features. The application enhances the experience of business users and service quality to the customers, and providing the 360 degree view to management for overall operations along with information / process transparency. The application employing latest technologies and utilizing power of communication networks & electronic funds transfer for making it possible to cut down the usual remittance period in seconds only. This will allow organizations to introduce variety of new remittance services in the market to stay competitive and more efficient.

The application is also equipped with update to date Anti-Money Laundering compliance module which regulate all the transactions to pass automatically through AML checks to track and prevent Money Laundering risks.

The solution allows front and back office to perform all their operations through a unified interface via a central platform. The multi-agent, multi-location and multi-currency features of application provide online money transfer capabilities. It also have a powerful accounting module which includes the capability to record Journal vouchers, transactions, balance sheets, trial balance and income statements. In addition of providing money transfer core features, the application also managing multiple shareholders and manage their shares and profit distributions.



  • Multi-currency and Multilingual
  • Application interfaces can be extended to third party
  • Flexible & configurable:
    • currency exchange rates and fee structures
    • countries, currencies & limit management
    • Workflow Management
  • Increased margins via flexible exchange rates & commission structures
  • Pre-defined AML policies across all the remittance transactions. Allow checking various AML Sanctions list including OFAC/SDN/UK etc.
  • Improve business by offering wider set of remittance services to enhance customer experience.
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Control over organization’s pre-defined processes.
  • Minimize human involvement in daily remittance operations
  • Visibility of top performing regions, countries, agents and sub-agents.
  • Provides interfaces for online integrations with external agents who want to use their own remittance application for remittances


  • Policy (Limits, Exchange Rates etc.) Definition through multiple parameters like Region, Country, Agent, Sub-agent etc.
  • Agent and Sub-agent Management
  • Remittances from agent to agent/sub-agent & sub-agent to agent/sub-agent.
  • Remittance transaction is available immediately at payer side
  • Comprehensive Search on Remittance and Payments
  • View Remittance/Payments List based on different status
  • Shared or dedicated credit limit distribution from Head office to Region, Agent and Sub-agent hierarchy.
  • Able to define daily exchange rates with profit margins for different currencies according to the changing market dynamics.
    Configurable Commission templates
  • Complete workflow management of remittance transactions from sending to paying.
  • Agent’s commission calculation and distribution management
  • Cash Transfer facility between agents and head office.
  • Allow to instruct paying agent to pay remittance amount in form of cash, TT, cheque or direct deposit into beneficiary’s bank account.
  • Sender agent receives money from customer in form of cash or cheque.
  • Supports opening of virtual deposit account within the application for corporate customers.
  • Corporate customer can send money from their deposit account to their beneficiary.
  • Direct deposit of remittance money into corporate customer’s Deposit account.
  • Highly configurable Complaint Management System for Agents to log complaints against remittances.
  • Support of Anti-Money Laundry and Fraud Protection on every remittance transaction
  • Comprehensive & configurable region wise AML and KYC compliance checks.
  • Risk management checks on every transaction
  • Automatically performs, Anti-Money Laundry, Sender/ Receiver search from various lists, Suspicious Activity and several other limit checks.
  • Management of organization share holders
  • Support definition of multi-level Chart of Accounts
  • Accounts Module to manage Journal Voucher, General Ledger, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet.
  • Online integration with external agents via web services to support inward & outward remittances. Centralized System Administration


Preventive Maintenance Services

Engineering organizations are acutely aware of the significance of preventive and timely maintenance of mission critical equipment and machinery. Whether it is an offshore oil rig or a construction site within city, preventive maintenance of equipment cannot be overlooked even faintly for very obvious reasons.

Avanza’s Preventive Maintenance System enforces maintenance of mission critical equipment, its modules and even sub-sub modules at a very granular level. The solution comes with a dynamic form generator that enables supervisors and managers to design and roll out maintenance forms to field engineers based on a particular equipment’s specification and maintenance needs.

The solution serves as a central nerve centre to consolidate data from equipment installed globally. Based on data readings, the solution recommends equipment-specific maintenance  activities proactively. Maintenance details are recorded and available across the organization in form of dashboards and MIS reports.

The solution regiments maintenance activities and their outcomes such that any delay in a maintenance task or sub task is hi lighted and notified to all relevant responsible team members across the organization.

Preventive Maintenance System can be used to consolidate equipment data and record health check inventory. In case of transfer of equipment from one site to another the system updates maintenance records and location of equipment thereby giving a global perspective of equipment movement and maintenance status of equipment at different locations worldwide.


  • Define and generate Equipment-specific Preventive Maintenance Forms
  • Enforce Preventive Maintenance Policy globally across all sites and locations
  • Global visibility of equipment’s location and stock of maintenance status
  • Forecasting and distribution of resources based on upcoming Maintenance jobs and activities
  • Equipment aging trends and cost analysis of maintenance


  • Preventive Maintenance Form Generator
  • Provision to Work in Offline Mode to record equipment data in remote locations
  • Synchronization of Offline Data with Central Server as and when connectivity is available
  • Real time Dashboard of Equipment’s Health Check
  • Forecasting Tool to Schedule Maintenance Activities
  • Definition of Equipment at Granular Level.
  • Hierarchy of Components Maintained
  • Integrated with ERP Systems such as SAP to fetch equipment details
  • Equipment Associated with Locations and Sites.
  • Movement of Equipment Captured and Recorded
  • Alerts & Notifications