• Focus — The Key to Business Success

    fromtheeditor Successful businesses leverage their competitive advantage and remain focused on what they do best. They have a clear vision signifying where the business wants to go, what it wants to achieve, and how it will accomplish it. Capitalizing on core competencies, a business is abl... Read on
  • Focus: The most-important principle in marketing

    focus-thumb If you had to pick one concept to define the essence of marketing, what would that one concept be? I believe the essence of marketing is associating your brand with a single idea in consumers’ minds. Some examples: • BMW . . . Driving. • Mercedes-Benz . . . Prestige. ... Read on
  • PAC — Application Lifecycle Management

    pac-thumbnail “The application lifecycle management approach improves cross-project visibility and automates the flow of people, process, and information in an iterative cycle of design-driven software delivery to   realize a foundation across multi-platforms for business alignment, improve... Read on
  • Telling Your Strategic Story with Strategy Maps

    strategymap-thumbnail From measurement to Strategic Management and beyond The Balanced Scorecard has continuously evolved since its inception in 1990. First came the transition from measurement to strategic management system by forging links between the Scorecard and critical management endeavors s... Read on
  • KFH – Contact Center Solution

    kfh-thumbnail Kuwait Finance House (KFH) was established in 1977 in Kuwait as the first Islamic Bank offering Shari’a-compliant financial products and banking in the GCC region. Today, KFH is the leader in Islamic Financial Institutions across the world. KFH provides a wide range of Shari’... Read on
  • Interview with Khurram Agha (Head of Operations and IT, NIB Bank)

    khurramAgha Techronicle: How is the role of IT evolving at NIB? Khurram: The banking sector has become very competitive and the sustainability of business depends solely on the how you adapt and respond. NIB is also in the race for the latest technologies, which has become an ‘enabling ... Read on